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Ted 2 is less then a month away and I already excited so I decided to share some Ted movie facts.

1. Ted was the first live-action project that Seth MacFarlane made.

2. Ted was the 12th highest grossing movie of 2012.

3. Ted is the highest grossing rated-R movie as of 2012.

4. Mark Wahlberg decided to star in Ted after he saw himself in Seth MacFarlane's tv show, Family Guy.

5. Ted was shipped to the movie theatres under the fake name of "Thunder Buddies".

6. The footage from the Tonight Show was actually real. The actual guest was Emanuel Louis and they just superimposed Ted over him.

7. According to Neil deGrasse Tyson, Seth MacFarlane personally asked him if all the CGI stars where correct in the scenes at night.

8. Mark Wahlberg and Ted appeared at the 85th annual oscars.

9. Ted managed to get nominated for Best Original Song.

10. Ted made half a billion worldwide.

I got these facts from the following links:

-Moses Ochs


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