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With Ryan Reynolds' contract to play Green Lantern canceled, and no announcements of a new Green Lantern, I thought I would list 10 actors who could play the role. While Ryan Reynolds as Green Lantern was a great casting choice, the movie itself was terrible, so the bar wasn't set high. I don't know how they'll set up Green Lantern for the Justice League, but something tells me we'll be seeing him soon, and it won't be Ryan Reynolds. So without further ado, here's my list of 10 actors who could portray Green Lantern.

1. Chris Pine

If you've ever seen a list like this one about Green Lantern, then you probably guessed Chris Pine would be on this list. But for good reason. He's charming, charismatic, and funny, everything that Hal Jordan is. While Chris Pine is rumored to be in talks to play Steve Trevor, nothing has been official, so there's still a chance for him to play Green Lantern.

2. David Boreanaz

David Boreanaz would be good as more of a boy scout type Green Lantern, kind of favoring Superman. While everyone loves the kind of Hal Jordan that Reynolds brought us (but not necessarily the movie), it could be refreshing to see a Green Lantern that plays by the rules. I'm not saying that Boreanaz can't play a sarcastic and snarky character, but I see him as more of the Superman type, with the look of Green Lantern.

3. Josh Duhamel

I think Josh Duhamel could give us the Green Lantern that most resembles Ryan Reynolds. Josh has a snarky charm, and defiantly looks like Hal Jordan. Just imagine a green aura surrounding a kind of masked Josh Duhamel. It'd be awesome.

4. Bradley Cooper

It's Bradley Cooper. Let me say that again so it sinks in, it's Bradley Cooper. This dude could play any role he wanted to and nail it. Limitless, Silver Linings Playbook, American Sniper, there are so many good movies tied to this guy's name. As for his look, he was named Sexiest Man Alive in 2011, so even though he doesn't necessarily resemble Hal Jordan, no one would mind.

5. Jensen Ackles

Don't think about the dark, scruffy Dean...I mean Jensen we've seen in the later seasons of Supernatural. Think about the clean shaven wise cracker we fell in love with at the beginning of the series. Ackles has the body and charm to play the character, and favors Hal Jordan a good bit. Not to mention, this guy wants to play a superhero so bad. He tried out for Superman in Smallville, had to turn down both Captain America and Hawkeye due to scheduling conflicts with Supernatural, tried out for Star-Lord, and got beat out for Batman by Ben Affleck of all people. It's about time we see him in the superhero game.

6. Nathan Fillion

When Ryan Reynolds got cast as Green Lantern, everyone paused for a second and said: What about Nathan Fillion? OK, maybe not that exactly, but Fillion is a fan favorite and an amazing choice. He's a lovable rouge, he has more charm than anyone I've ever seen on TV, and he looks like and voiced Hal Jordan.

7. John Krasinski

Granted Krasinski isn't a go to guy when it comes to action, but if he could play anyone, it would be Hal Jordan. While the character would lose just a little bit of action skill, he would gain a lot of the charm and charisma that people love. Whether or not Krasinski could pull off an action role like this, I would love to see him in the role.

8. Jon Hamm

Jon Hamm is such an amazing actor, I'm convinced he could play anyone. He's not too far off from the Hal Jordan look, and it's not too hard to imagine him slipping on the emerald ring. After his extraordinary role of Don Draper in Mad Men, I can't wait to see what projects Hamm takes next, and hopefully Green Lantern will be one of them.

9. Armie Hammer

While the look for Green Lantern is a little off, Hammer has the perfect charm for the character. He can pull off charming and charismatic, while he has the action experience to play a superhero. Of course he did have some failure recently with his movie The Lone Ranger, but I think that Green Lantern could be a role to redeem himself.

10. Sam Worthington

While Worthington might be a bit of a stretch, I think he could bring a refreshingly darker Hal Jordan. Sam could probably pull off a little bit of comedy, but when people think of Worthington, they think serious action/adventure. Either way, he could be a good fit for the character.

What did you think? Do you have an actor that would be a good Green Lantern? Let me know in the comments!


Who do you think would make the best Green Lantern?


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