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I had the pleasure of being able to see an early screening of The Vatican Tapes. I personally read a little on the film, and the topic of the content of course has always caught my attention. However I honestly walked into the screening with an open mind, and I was ready to endure whatever the film had to offer.

The film first off had a different tone starting off. It displayed a very real take on possession. The lead Angela was first introduced as an ordinary normal young woman. When suddenly she begins to have a very negative impact on every around her. After the trials from the doctors, and psychiatrists, they decide they need to take Angela head on with religion.

They have an exorcism of an enormous size. Only to reveal that Angela is an ancient satanic force. The ending gave me chills. It definitely crossed a few boundaries, but what would horror be without crossing boundaries? The build up to the climax of the film was so steady and suspenseful. It was obvious that something was going to go terribly wrong, you just never knew what exactly.

The film also linked the bible heavily with the film. From reading exact scriptures from the bible, to chanting and saying them throughout the exorcism. That feature alone made the film feel a little more real than other religious sub genre horror films. I was entertained to say the least and I enjoyed it thoroughly.

Make sure you catch The Vatican Tapes in theaters everywhere July 24th! And let me know what you think.


Will you be seeing The Vatican Tapes?


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