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Okay, so everybody loves fan-theories. They give you a different twist on things that are in plain sight. I, as well, love them. So I have compiled what I think are the top ten craziest fan-theories of all-time.

10) Harry Potter is a mental patient

Think about it, a sad, disturbed kid in a big house where the walls talk, stairs seem to move around at random. You never know, this one might be true.

9) Bruce Wayne died at the end of The Dark Knight Rises

This one actually makes sense. Let's say that Batman didn't survive the explosion, and what Alfred saw was just his own imagination. And to satisfy the dreams that he has earlier in the movie.

8) E.T. is a jedi

Yoda and E.T. both appear in each others movies, what other proof is there. That is pretty clear proof to me.

7) Willy Wonka was a killer

Willy Wonka, a lonely man, who is tired of people bugging him. So he invites a bunch of kids into his factory and slowly kills them.

6) James Bond is just a code name

Think about it, this guy appear across the 20th century and never seems to die. That is pretty obvious to me.

5) Obi-Wan is a clone

The theory is that OB1(Obi Wan) is a clone of Ben Kenobi. They were separated during the Clone Wars, while OB1 goes off to be a Jedi, and Ben goes elsewhere in the Clone Wars. And Ben ends up going to watch over Luke.

4) The Friends cast is in a mental facility

They all seem to have perfect lives, but they all have these issues. But they barely talk about it. And it really doesn't seem to affect them. The theory is that they are all imagining it.

3) Mary Poppins is a time lord

She can fly, she can fit a bunch of large objects into her small bag, and she appears whenever kids need her. Sounds like a time lord to me.

2) The Flintstones is in the FUTURE

The theory is that it is set in a post apocalyptic world, and that they area slowly recovering from the disaster.

1) All the Pixar movies are connected I really need to explain!


What theory do you think is the weirdest?


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