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James Buxton

No one had prepared for what was to come.

No one expected it.

Pokémon? For real? It was every kid’s dream. When they had first appeared, foraging around in the long grass, everyone had jumped at the chance of finally living their dream of becoming a Pokémon trainer. That was before we saw their true colors. Before they turned hostile.

Within days of their arrival, Earth was plunged into disaster. Cities went up in flames as hordes of Charizard razed them to the ground. Coastal nations were decimated by wave after wave of wild Gyarados, vaporizing roads and buildings alike with devastating surf attacks. The whole world suffered as each continent was crippled by earthquakes, each stronger than the last as the Pokémon gained levels.

The end times were upon us. Between us all we had no chance of defeating the overwhelming power of the wild Pokémon.

Well, there was one chance.

Owen Grady - Jurassic World (2015)
Owen Grady - Jurassic World (2015)

Of all people across the world, there was only one man who had successfully captured a wild Pokémon. As a result, it was Owen Grady who led the fight to save humanity. With a vast stock of military grade Pokéballs and a fleet of highly trained Salamence at his command, Grady began his legendary quest to catch them all.

But he was not alone in his endeavor.

Alan "Dutch" Schaefer - Predator (1987)
Alan "Dutch" Schaefer - Predator (1987)

Delta Force Major Dutch Schaefer was a simple man with simple tastes. If it threatened him or his friends, it had to die. There was no other way around it. All he needed to defeat this menace was a good team and a ton of heavy weaponry. He’d seen first-hand what an alien monster could do if you let it outstay its welcome, and these monsters had hung around way too long. No, Dutch had to wipe them out; there was no other way.

While Owen respected Schaefer’s prowess and experience as a soldier, there was no way he was going to let them kill these creatures. They were unlike anything the world had ever seen and despite the chaos they had caused, they were still living, breathing organisms. Owen wasn’t going to let Schaefer damage a single one.

Both sides knew they needed each other’s help to save the Earth, but neither wanted to admit it. Owen would not let them die but Dutch refused to let them live.

Owen took to the seas, gliding across the surface as he threw clusters of Pokéballs into the ocean, safely capturing thousands of water type Pokémon. As his work continued, fewer and fewer countries fell to the power of water. Some put up a fight, leading Owen to reluctantly engage in battle, often weakening his opponents with a weak flamethrower attack from one of his many Salamence. With his keen eye and indomitable control over the beasts, Owen captured the entirety of the ocean-dwelling Pokémon within two months of beginning his mission without a single fatality.

Meanwhile, Dutch launched his assault on the land, mercilessly gunning down any creature that got within his range. Fainted bodies of Graveler and Bulbasaur alike lay strewn in his wake, devoid of power. No Pokémon could withstand his power. Around the same time Owen had liberated the oceans, Dutch’s team successfully ended the devastation on land.

But neither was finished yet.

Despite the lands and the seas being free from danger, there remained just one Pokémon that had eluded both capture and destruction. When it finally appeared amidst the ruins of a broken Earth, neither Owen nor Dutch could possibly take it on alone.

Owen and Dutch stood side by side, both poised and ready should their opponent make a move. Across from them stood Mewtwo, the living embodiment of unstoppable force. Both men had spent months capturing and defeating countless Pokémon, but nothing could have prepared them for this final stand.

Mewtwo was the first to strike. Raising a single arm, it released a burst of psychic energy in every direction, leaving deep cracks in the ground. Dutch followed suit, nodding briefly in Owen’s direction before unhooking an assault rifle. He took four quick shots, hoping for a lucky hit. None made contact with their target. Mewtwo caught the bullets in midair and crushed them, following up with a wave of energy, knocking Dutch from his feet. Mewtwo then turned its attention to Owen, who had kept out of the firing line, Masterball in hand. With unbelievable speed, Mewtwo shot towards Owen, a ball of energy brewing between its stubby fingertips. Owen dived from range as the ball was released, shattering the building behind him. Owen looked up at Dutch, who was up and ready again, and the two men locked eyes. Instantly, any disapproval between the two men vanished, replaced with determination. Both men knew that taking down this behemoth would require both methods whether they liked it or not. The two men exchanged a knowing look before running in separate directions; Owen ran away from Mewtwo while Dutch positioned himself right in front of the enemy.

A few quick shots caught its attention. Mewtwo turned to face Dutch, angered by the attack. It charged, bounding towards him aggressively while Dutch continued to fire. Meanwhile, Owen crept behind, waiting for an opportune moment to aim his Masterball. Dutch had run out of ammunition, but a quick change of weapon fixed his situation immediately. In two short blasts, Dutch emptied a whole cache into Mewtwo’s stomach, enraging the beast further. Dutch stared into Mewtwo’s eyes, watching its rage intensify. It was only when Mewtwo’s hands began to glow white that Dutch stepped down. The soldier didn’t have time to move before Mewtwo’s hyper beam launched his body back dozens of yards, leaving him broken and scorched in the distance. Mewtwo had defeated Dutch. All was lost.

It was then that Owen took his shot.

As Mewtwo stood motionless, recharging its power following the attack, Owen hurled the Masterball through the air, catching the monster squarely on the back. It put up no resistance as it dematerialized, shrinking into the ball as a sphere of light. The ball shook three times and clicked. The battle was won. Dutch’s sacrifice had given Owen the perfect chance to finally capture Mewtwo. Thanks to Dutch Schaefer, Earth was once again safe. Owen observed the Masterball in his hand and smiled. This was going to bring in so many guests.


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