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I have always imagined the Disney princesses as friends, who get along for the most part and do what girls typically do: talk about boys, paint their nails, go shopping, eat a ton of food, and so forth.

Amy Mebberson has made this all possible with her adorable comics known as 'Pocket Princesses.' Snow White, Elsa, Tiana, Merida, and the rest of the girls are so fantastically represented.

Elsa's sarcastic quips actually make me laugh pretty hard.

Flapper Fantastic

Get Us Some Deep Conditioner, Stat

Naughty Cat

Art Therapy

What Color Is the Dress?

Vacation Prep

You Get a Princess Dress! You Get a Princess Dress! And YOU Get a Princess Dress!

Firework Suprise

Tangled in This Song

Kristoff Is a Keeper

BB-8 Christmas Gift

The Bad Apple in Every Bunch

Sassy Elsa Continues...

Thermals Are the Answers to Our Prayers

Can this get turned into an animated show, pronto? I would watch this in a heartbeat. Feisty Elsa, Anna and Kristoff being an adorable couple, and Merida being the badass tomboy she is.

Hell, I wish I was a Disney Princess, too. That way I could hang out with all the women I have grown up with and looked up to since I was a little girl.

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