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Through the Looking Glass

The year is 2023. Earth has successfully created intergalactic wormhole travel, only their first attempt sends the crew into the territory of Sorgan, an alien race that takes the intrusion as an act of aggression. Barely escaping attack, the crew returns to Earth to warn of retaliation by the Sorgan army. The president, fearing the worse, calls upon the greatest superheroes known to man: The original Mighty Morphin Power Rangers.

Its Morphin Time!

Jason Lee Scott, Trini Kwan, Billy Cranston, Kimberly Hart, Zack Taylor, along with Green Ranger Tommy Oliver band together and prepare for the attack. Zordon, having knowledge of the powerful Sorgan army, sends a distress signal far into the reaches of space, asking for help in defeating the deadly enemy. The signal is picked up by only one ship belonging to the most badass group cruising space: The Guardians of the Galaxy.

Unlikely Heroes

Star Lord, concerned for his homeworld, convinces his reluctant crew to travel back to Earth to protect his people. Before leaving, Star Lord and his fellow misfits steal back the Infinity Stone from the Nova Corps in hopes it will come in handy when fighting the Sorgan.

Team Go!

Two! One! Power Up!

As the Sorgan army attacks, the Rangers battle the aliens beamed to Earth's surface while the Guardians fight the ships surrounding the mother cruiser. The Rangers eventually team up to form Megazord, defeating many of the larger creatures unleashed on the planet.

The Needs of the Crude Outweigh the Needs of the Many

Star Lord decides that the only way to eradicate the Sorgan army is to destroy the mother spacecraft using his ship and the Infinity Stone. Convincing his crew through an inspirational speech that included the quote "Its Better To Burn Out Than To Fade Away", the ragtag team makes their way towards the large vessel. With 80's tune "The Final Countdown" by Europe blaring over the speaker system, Star Lord flies SHIP through the side of the large spacecraft, setting off a Infinity Stone bomb rigged by Rocket. The bomb obliterates the Sorgan cruiser, destroying their enemy, the Guardians of the Galaxy along with it.

Mid Credits

During mid credits, we see the Infinity Stone, still intact, floating above the Earth. A spaceship swoops in, a tracker beam scooping up the stone as the craft flies away. Space pirate Yondu watches as the stone is placed back into the protective container, a grin upon his face, cutting away as credits roll.


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