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I know that this topic has been thoroughly examined before however in light of my own persistent thought on the matter, I think I have formulated the basic plot of The Force Awakens. As in the Original Trilogy, I think Kasdan & Abrams are going back to the Arthurian Myth that inspired Star Wars in the first place. In my other article (Kylo Ren, Heir to the New Empire) I showed Kylo Ren's physical relationship to the Arthurian Black Knight, who's literary purpose is to obstruct the hero's path. Throughout the lore the Black Knight is also representative of Arthur's illegitimate son Mordred, as well as being the shadow reflection of Arthur himself. There are many Arthurian tales & I believe that Star Wars Episode 7 will draw from many of them to renew the same stories. To refresh our memories, remember that in A New Hope we saw Luke as a young Arthur & Obi Wan as his Merlin. Luke's father Anakin, much like Uther, was a powerful warrior before his death or transformation into the 'Black Knight' Darth Vader. The story of Luke proceeds to climax with him redeeming his father & psychologically facing his father's sins found within himself, ending the reign of evil in the land. I will use the original adaptations used in the Original Trilogy to expose more of the things we already know about The Force Awakens.

Spoilers to follow..........................................................................................

The leaked plot synopsis of Star Wars The Force Awakens: “When a ruthless prince rises to power and threatens galactic peace, a runaway soldier, an uncongenial scavenger, and a hot shot pilot find their fates intertwined as they embark on a journey to find the most powerful warrior in the galaxy.”

Now to this new trilogy & how I believe the Legend of King Arthur will continue to strongly impact the Star Wars saga. Here you have to remember that these are not literal translations to the plot but a references meant to help inform the story. As I briefly mentioned before, Arthur bore a son through his wicked sister or aunt, Morgause, (depending on which tale you read) through deceiving Arthur into thinking she was his wife Guinevere. She named her son Mordred & under her guidance, Mordred proceeded to raise an army & claimed Arthur's Legacy for himself. He was raised against his father & has been manipulated into believing him to be a neglectful fool. Some of which was true. I believe that this role is in part that of Kylo Ren's. Judging from what we know of Ren so far is that he is most likely related to the Skywalker bloodline, or at least claims to be, & that he is a cult figure within The First Order. Symbolically he is their chosen one destined to rule his grandfather's kingdom. Much as Merlin wanted Arthur for himself & helped Uther slay the dragon in exchange for his first born, I believe Snoke did the same for Kylo. Merlin wanted a just King to rule the land & Snoke wants Kylo to do the same but for his own darker purpose. So in this regard Kylo is the alternate Luke that grew up without his father & hates him for it. If you recall many of the reported concept art pieces of early Kylo Ren sported Luke's own face! I believe that Han Solo is his father & that Han will play the role of an older Arthur who eventually is mortally wounded by Mordred at the end of the story. Hence Kylo Ren is inversely Nero-Lyk, as he kills his own father like Nero had killed his mother. He is the Luke that killed his father & thus will again touch on Freudian Psycho-Dynamics & man's natural instinct to compete with his father. This includes another hallmark of Star Wars's, psychological motifs & Archetypal characters meant to resonate within the audience. I sincerely very much doubt the creators of this movie would fail to incorporate them being Lucas's main reason for creating Star Wars in the first place. So then Kylo is the flip side of the coin & his sister Rey will play Luke & Han's part, which is Arthur's part, again. These two children will mirror each other & are meant to represent the two possible outcomes from any conflict. Now why all the fuss with lightsabers in this film? I have a theory, albeit a simply one, but it makes sense out of why Kylo Ren needs Anakin Skywalker's lightsaber.

Of course we all know that in Arthurian Mythology Excalibur is the king's sword. In Star Wars lore it is Anakin's or Vader's saber, depending on your point of view. Remember, "all things are true from a certain perspective;" thanks Ben. So my guess is that Kylo needs the saber to somehow logically be recognized as the rightful heir by both The New Republic & remnants of the Empire. Ren's saber may convince The First Order but he needs the real thing to fulfill his legacy. Snoke is his mentor playing the parts of both Morgause & Merlin, pushing him to his destiny. Neither of which characters however were without their own treachery. Merlin wanted a just king despite knowing Arthur's impending perils & his ultimate fate, so it's safe to assume that Snoke is using Kylo for his own hidden purposes. The same for Morgause having groomed her son for war simply to enact vengeance upon Arthur for having cast her aside; one big screwed up family haha. This is also beginning to sound a lot like another famous story, from the Bible no less. To me this sounds almost too similar to the story of Abraham, Hagar & Ishmael, & this is where it gets a little weird.

Potentially the BIGGEST SPOILER about the new trilogy! Read at your own risk.

Now bare with me a little & stretch your mind to the point in which it is most open. I'm going to take what we think we know about The Force Awakens in a totally different direction. Most of us are aware that the new cannon Marvel Comics, in Star Wars 6: Skywalker Strikes Part VI, have just introduced us to a character that makes what we know of Han Solo minimal at best. Sana Solo, the married wife of Han Solo before the events of the Original Trilogy was recently made cannon & we have to ask, why? Why the need to essentially rewrite Han this late in the game, unless gaps need to be bridged to the upcoming trilogy. As I suggested that the likely plot draws parallels to broken homes, King Arthur & the story of Abraham, what if the twist is that Kylo Ren is the neglected son of Han & someone else? I don't think Sana will be a major figure at all going forward or Kylo Ren's mother, but I do think she is necessary in cannon to help people understand who Han is as a person. Han is someone who has had a lot of interests but never lets himself get tied to anything other than his own ego. I think it's possible that Han had a relationship with an imperial agent that gave birth to a son. Snoke, knowing the connection Han has with the Skywalkers, uses Kylo's false heritage to seat himself on the Emperor's throne. This would add even more tension into the mix as Kylo would really be a false prophet, whether he knows it or not. The deceit on the part of Snoke, misleading Kylo to think that he has ties to Vader's bloodline, depicts a far more tragic reality. This also explains how Kylo ended up with Snoke & the reason why others are not knowledgeable to his supposed lineage. Kylo Ren is based off of the characters of Ishmael & Mordred, the forgotten sons! This may not even be revealed to us until a further installment but don't count it out. Or maybe it happens that Han reveal sthis to Kylo at the end of TFA, causing Kylo to strike him down in a fit of rage. You can also see how this would fuel his anger for Rey going forward as she would then be the true heir to the Skywalker legacy, not Ren. More to lend support to this theory is, that according to the Old Testament Ishmael went on to found Palestine & the nation of Islam. Could this be the the zeal of The First Order I'm sensing? Star Wars has always drawn from many parables from myths, & religions to present them to us in a more neutral & acceptable way. This story will of course draw from other works, some even Biblical.

Now we'll let that sink in awhile & back to some more probable plot points. We've heard of The Resistance in this new film but not yet of The New Republic. Perhaps this is because Kylo & Snoke are brokering a deal to revive the old Republic but with intentions of dictating it. The resistance are those that see their true intent & refuse to capitulate. You can easily see how they can infuse WW2 & Cold War themes into this scenario. Now at the end 'Arthur,' or Han will die from his sins but not his children. His legacy goes on. After this movie the new Arthur will emerge or reemerge, & the cycle will be renewed. Snoke & Kylo will go onto rage their war & rebuild a New Empire from the ashes, as Rey, Luke & Finn will train to stop them. Rey, Luke & Finn will all have different traits of Arthur & I think Finn is Lancelot. Perhaps he will even betray Rey at some point but we'll have to wait for more speculation. One thing is for certain though, & that is they are sticking with Star Wars' original intent. Namely, being a grand mythological opera in the stars.


What do you think about my theory on Kylo Ren & Han Solo?


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