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Now Hiring:

Heroes & Villains.

Apply Within.

Every movie coming from a comic lately has been great. We have so many heroes & villains to choose from now. Why not create a brand new super? He/She could be or do anything. Mega. Super Mega. Yea...

Everyone knows how easy it is to create a hero on the spot. Power, gender, costume, cape/no cape, and colors. And Bam!

"In the beginning Marvel created the Bullpen and the Style. And the Bullpen was without form, and void; and darkness was upon the face of the Artists. And the Spirit of Marvel said, Let there be The Fantastic Four. And there was The Fantastic Four. And Marvel saw The Fantastic Four. And it was good." -Stan Lee


Give us your new

Super Mega Hero/Villain.

5 ingredients:

1.'s a little inspiration.

You can make up your own, duh.

2. Power

3. Gender

4. Cape/No Cape

5. Colours

No picture this time. You get it.

Aaaaaaand Go!


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