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Well, as we all know, sometimes it takes a villain to truly make the hero. We all love villains, whether it's a sense of compassion or understanding for them, or just truly hating them. Sometimes they are the comic relief. All that matters is that they are there and we want to see them.

With the Netflix series starting up a couple months back with Daredevil, we have a whole new venue to bring in more of Marvel's gallery of baddies. And here are some I would like to possibly see in some capacity:

1. The Wrecking Crew

The Crew: Bulldozer Wrecker Piledriver Thunderball
The Crew: Bulldozer Wrecker Piledriver Thunderball

These guys are big, bad, and have wreaked havoc in the Marvel world for quite some time. They have early connections to Thor with their origin, but have come across a long list of heroes over the years. Their powers are on level with Thor and Hercules. Loki inadvertently granted them Asgardian powers. However they did make their first appearance on the pages of The Defenders comics, so that gives them an opportunity. I think there are ways you could rework their beginnings to give them a more open angle, and the fact that they have come across both Luke Cage and Iron Fist they would make for a good possibility for either show. I would like to see them perhaps in a one or two episode arc. I think you could bring in Roxxon Corp. perhaps hiring the guys, gearing/teching them up if you don't want to go the Asgardian route...something along those lines. You could even cross them over to Agents of SHIELD if you wanted to. I just really think it's high time we see these guys in the MCU.

Also, they have numerous connections over time to the Masters of Evil as well.

2. The Serpent Society

Now I know what you might be thinking....these guys? Really?? And I say YES. They have, on numerous occasions, proved to be quite a formidable foe for both Captain America and several other heroes. While it does seem like the MCU overall is already bringing us to a fixed point in Cap's story, I still believe that this group of villains could still provide us with some chaos and villainy. While they are extremely comic-esque driven villains, I again feel like they could be brought in in a more tech-driven capacity along with some powers. It is very doable. They have also had run-ins with our Defender heroes, so using them on Netflix makes sense to me as well.

3. The Hood

Parker Robbins was a normal kid who grew up in tough circumstances. Turns to crime to support his family....stop me if you've heard this one before. However, things get interesting when he and his cousin go to rob a warehouse that turns out to be the home of a demonic entity. Robbins shoots it and it leaves behind a hooded cloak and boots that turn out to give Robbins invisibility, ability to walk on air, and to discharge electrical energy through his hands. Moving on....taking the name The Hood, Robbins ultimately organizes his own criminal organization, made up of other powered villains, and on a couple of occasions he has led groups of the Masters of Evil.

I think The Hood could make for a highly intriguing villain, possibly for a reason The Defenders get together. He could spin off from the void left while Wilson Fisk is in jail. He could even bring in other villains, such as the Wrecking Crew, to work for/with him. The supernatural/mystical origin of his powers/garments would also give a good reason to bring in the Sorcerer Supreme himself, Doctor Strange.

4. Count Nefaria

Opted for the less cheesy Iron Man Animated look
Opted for the less cheesy Iron Man Animated look

He has been more of an Iron Man, even Avenger level foe...but has also come against several of The Defenders as well.

A Maggia(mafia) boss, he would eventually gain superpowers of energy progection, superhuman stregth, endurance, durability, and speed. At some points he has been nearly unstoppable by the Avengers themselves. I believe that he could be a nice addition at the pre-powered level as a potential threat simply as a figurehead of an organization if nothing else. Also, having him brings the potential of his daughter, Madame Masque, into the picture as well.

Now we also have to consider arch-nemesis for our heroes. We already have had Wilson Fisk, aka Kingpin, appear for season 1 of Daredevil and we know Bullseye is coming soon. Also, we know that Zebediah Kilgrave, aka Purple Man, is coming in with Jessica Jones.

But who can we possibly see for Luke Cage and Iron Fist??

Let's start with Luke Cage...

Honorable Mention: Willis Striker, aka Diamondback

I only say honorable mention because if they choose to give Cage his powers already, Striker wouldn't really be a huge challenge. A childhood friend of Luke's, they ultimately have their falling out over a girl. Striker betrays Luke and is the reason he ends up in prison, taking the girl for forward, Cage comes out, powered up, and is on the hunt for the group he believes is responsible for him ending up in jail. He and Striker eventually face off, but their fight ends with Willis dying.

Now this would be a good backstory to have as a reason for Cage deciding to use his powers for good. Maybe you could use flashback scenes to their showdown as a focal point in Luke's own story. But I just don't know that he is worth drawing out over an extra period of time. At most, maybe a one episode catch-up story.

5. Warhawk

This guy has fought both Luke Cage and Iron Fist, along with taking on the X-Men. I believe that alone earns him consideration. Mitchell Tanner, aka Warhawk, was also the earlier test subject off Dr. Berstein, the man who experimented on Luke Cage giving him his abilities. That is another great reason to use Warhawk. Being given superhuman strength, stamina, durability, and an accelerated healing factor on top of already being an expert marksman and hand-to-hand fighter, Warhawk would make for an excellent nemesis to use against Luke Cage. Even if just in a short run; you could have him brought in by The Hood, for instance, or some other criminal organization.

There are many other characters from the pages of Power Man/Luke Cage that Marvel could use in the show.....Ben Donovan, Black Mariah, Atlas, Hardcore, Bushmaster, Tombstone.

Next moving on to Iron Fist:

6. Steel Serpent

Davos, aka Steel Serpent, is the son of the very man who trains the Iron Fist legacies. Seeking the power for himself, this leads Davos to betraying the way of things in Kun'Lun ultimately leading to his exile from the mystical city. Once Daniel Rand gains the power of Iron Fist, Davos begins to come after him hoping to steal the power for himself.

Easily Iron Fist's true nemesis, I would wager he will be the main villain of an Iron Fist show.

Other possible Iron Fist enemies they could use include Harold Meachum, Quan-St'ar, Scythe, Triple-Iron, Zhou Cheng.

There are a myriad of other villains that I believe we would all LOVE to see come into the MCU in some way. Even if it is just the briefest appearances...

So there ya go, two groups of baddies that I think deserve their shot at our heroes. Got any thoughts? Absolutely hate my suggestions? Let me know below. And as always, read on my friends....Read on.


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