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The earth is being invaded by a superior alien race known as the Tecnomorphs who located the planet using Earth-system satellites, their invasion is swift and unrelenting as the Motherboard has linked her hive mind into the internet and has sent her children to eliminate the human race and Terraform the planet into a metallic wasteland and its inhabitants were to be integrated into their own biology. earth was out manoeuvred, out numbered and out gunned against these greater beings.

Scott Pilgrim.

As the aliens continued their assault continued to ravish the world over there was a struggle to obtain colder countries such as Russia, Alaska and the small suburban town of Ontario Canada. as the Canadian military tried its hardest to hold off the invasion pressing from america to the south their scouts were being picked off by people with weird powers at the helm of this individual fighting force was a bassist Named Scott pilgrim, with his more frantic powers and confusing aura usage left the Technomorphs confused at how to detect or even defend against his unique powers. after three hours of unrelenting assaults Scott was surrounded and exhausted, just as the metal bodied beasts were about to strike him down their general's upper body was torn clean off.

Darth Vader & the Galactic empire

Seeking those with great power during his hunt of the alien life form that had ravaged planets under his control The Sith lord had found Mr Pilgrim at the prime moment. followed by his trusted storm trooper units and walkers the slaughter became a battle field with the troopers fire power from both land and air were throwing the Technomorphs into chaos. Lord Vader grabbed the young Mr pilgrim and returned to his fighter. then speeding off towards the location of the Motherboard.

Death of a king.

The battle between Pilgrim, Vader and the Motherboard went on for days. Scott dealt a near fatal blow to the alien mother but was soon blasted back. Vader created a force barrier around the two of them to resist the mothers unrelenting barrage of attacks, he placed Scott in his Tie fighter and sent it to return to the Executioner super carrier. as the ship sped away Scott witnessed Vader force the ship he was fighting on to plummet out of the atmosphere and crash into the European continent. with the loss of their hive mind the Technomorphs became unfocused enough for the earth-united forces to pick them off into extinction.


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