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Imitation of Life! One of my all time favorites. If you haven't heard of it or seen it then go find it and watch! I'm not here to give you a synopsis. I'm here to say that this movie moved me. Where/How did it move me? It moved me back to the 1940's. An era I wasn't raised in and an era I don't know a lot about. It gave me a glimpse of how things were and for that I'm grateful because some change has occurred. I'm going to stop there....I mean it is my first post .

I know this movie needs to be remade so that our younger generation can see things from a different perspective. What I don't know is WHO should be the cast. Once you have watched this flick, please comment as to who you would cast for these roles. I'm sure not many young people would be interested in viewing at 1950's film. But if they can identify (know) the actors, then I think they will get the message.


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