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The Marvel Cinematic Universe is the biggest draw in film-making right now. Bringing all these characters together forming teams and having an Origin Story that has culminated in epic battles and tension between heroes and villains. Even has balanced out drama, action, suspense and downright bad ass storytelling. Marvel's next set of films is pretty much set from Dr. Strange to the Inhumans up until Infinity Wars Part 1 & 2. Where do you go from there?

We all want to see a Planet Hulk movie but for the most part that has a chance to happen long after Infinity Wars. Yet, we can possibly see a new character on the rise that has the great potential to become Thor's Successor and that's Beta Ray Bill the beastly Karbonite that is one of the few to hold Thor's Hammer. There have been rumors of Bill possibly coming into Thor: Ragnarok which would be a perfect setting to set up a possible film for the Stormriding Warrior. Setting up like Black Panther would be in Cap 3 Civil War and bringing in the Black Panther movie (which i'm dying to see). Have Beta Ray have a small role in Ragnarok maybe even just one scene would be enough like a Post-Credits 10 second scene to build that excitement for an Origin Film.

Whether they dress up some dude or bring in some serious CGI of the character it would still be epic regardless. Bill can fight and match Thor's Strength pound for pound and would be a great addition to either the Avengers or the new team Cap and/or Iron Man will assemble from Civil War. Do the small scene of Bill in Thor 3 and wait until both or maybe the first part of Infinity War film is done to get a story going on him. We can have all the characters in the universe have an epic battle or whatever but Beta Ray is a very unique and underrated character that we've only seen on screen very rarely so why not give him the spotlight he deserves and bring a new level of Marvel's brilliant skills as of late when it comes to an Origin story (minus the 2004 Fantastic Four and Amazing Spider-Man, they were ok but could've been done better). I want to see Bill & Thor duke it out then fight side by side against the possibilities of Loki, Enchantress or hell Thanos for that matter. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that even with all the skeptics, Marvel has great skills of taking a set of characters that most wouldn't think needed their own movie and make it epic and enjoyable.

I'm betting they'll do a CGI version of Beta Ray Bill which i'm cool with although it would be tough finding a voice for the character. It be a long process but his voice aught to be much deeper than Thor's, nearly as close to how Josh Brolin does Thanos, that powerful and deepened voice that people notice and think twice about messing with. I'm sure there's a lot of guys who can pull it off but it only takes one to feel Beta Ray Bill could actually exist. Somewhere around Brad Garret, Vin Rhames, Michael Dorn or Michael Ironside; I can def hear Beta Ray from guys like them.

What do you say guys? Give your thoughts as to what you believe can be a great Beta Ray story and if he's worthy of being an asset to the Avengers (or just Thor). I want to see a new warrior with a hammer rise up and bring a demise to the mighty titans of the MCU.


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