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He survived. After all that... he survived. Sure, he was in a prison. But there is no prison that could hold him. All he wanted was to be a hero. But no more. Now it’s personal. Now it’s about revenge. He will take them down if it was the last thing he does. They will regret ever hearing the name... Syndrome!

But why rush? He will need some help to take them down. And where better to find some others that want to take down The Incredibles than right here. All of the villains they put away are right here. It’s time to put a team together.

“So if I agree to get you out of here, do you agree to follow my lead, and take down The Incredibles?”


One down, one to go. Time to find another villain with a vendetta.

“I hear you have a bone to pick with a certain family of supers, Whaddya say we take them down together?”

“I’m listening”

And so the treacherous team is ready. Let’s see The Incredibles handle this!

“Dash, turn it up”

“...The villains known as the Underminer and Bomb Voyage have been terrorizing New York, with no apparent motive”

The TV shows the family of super heroes the horrific sites of sink holes and explosions tearing apart the city. And just when they think it can’t get any worse, the reporter freezes and then vanishes from the screen. The cameraman turns and start to run but then the camera freezes as well. And that’s when they hear his voice.

“Oh Incredibleeeessss... come out and plaaayyyaaayyyy.”

Mr. Incredible stands, fists clenched.

“It can’t be.”

“That’s right supers, I’m back. And I brought some friends with me. And we’re going to tear every city in the country apart until you come stop us.”

The whole family stands now. Mr. Incredible looks around to see his family already wearing their masks. They head for the door. But he pauses.

“Wait, if were going to take down these villains... we’re going to have to think like a villain.

The doorbell rings. Gru’s head raises from the table, a blueprint for some type of gun stuck to his head. It rings again.

“Alright, alright, I’m up.”

He makes his way to the front door and presses a button.

“Uhhhh.... go awaayyyy. I don’t want any cookies.”

A voice responds from the speaker.

“We’re not here to sell cookies.”

Gru presses the button again.

“Well then... I’ve already accepted satan as my lord and away now.”

The voice comes back again.

“Gru... we need your help”

The family stands in the inner workings of Gru’s lair. The kids amaze at the strange little yellow creatures working around them.

“Ok now what is soooo important that you had to bother me while I was... working.”

Stuart the minion starts laughing and slapping his knee... or...where his knee would be, if he had one.

“Gru, there’s a team of villains wreaking havoc in New York.”

Gru’s eyes widen as he actually looks up at Mr. Incredibles face for the first time.

“Villains? No no no, that can’t be right. You are mistaken, go away.”

Then Gru hears a minions voice.

“Ay boss.”

Bob the minion points to a monitor. Gru watches in silence as he sees Syndrome destroying entire buildings with the press of a button. Bob looks up at Gru.

“Ababada naya?”

“Yes... this would be bad for business. Ok, ok. Let’s stop them.”

“You’re sure that will work?”

Elastigirl gives Gru a disapproving look.

“Of coooouuurrse it will work. I put my best minions on the job. Kevin tell her how it will work.”

Kevin the minion looks up at Gru, shrugs and gives an “I don’t know” kind of grunt.

“That’s reassuring.”

Gru looks around, noticing that something important is missing.

“Uhhhmmm I don’t see a car... how exactly do you plan to get to New York?”

“We have a different way of getting around these days.”

Eleastigirl stretches her body to form a boat-type-shape. The family hops in and Gru and the three minions step in cautiously. Then in a split second, Dash grabs the group from underneath and they take off. Weaving in and out of traffic, nearly running right into a beaten down truck with a rocket ship attached to the top. The group arrives in the city in a manner of seconds.

The Incredibles spring into a heroic stance, while the minions and Gru stumble around and Bob leans over to vomit.

“Ahhh you made it! And you brought friends! I don’t remember giving you each a plus one, but that’s fine. More fun for me.”

As Syndrome was talking, Bob had made his way to a nearby fruit cart, grabbing every minion’s favorite treat.


“Let me demonstrate just what I’m capable of just to catch your friends up.”

He points his arm at Bob and captures him with his Zero Point Energy. Then, with a flick of his wrist, he launches Bob and his banana into the air.


The Incredibles rush toward Syndrome, but the earth opens up underneath them and they fall to the subway tracks where they meet the Underminer. Mr. Incredible stands and waves his family forward.

“Go. I can handle the mole man.”

The rest of the family make their way out of the tunnel while Stuart and Kevin encounter Bomb Voyage. The villain hands a bomb to Kevin... who promptly eats it. Stuart looks at him with a disappointed, jealous-seeming stare. Then the bomb explodes, leaving Kevin covered in black ash with a tiny flame on top of his head. This sends Stuart into a laughing riot. He falls to his back kicking his legs in laughter.

Bomb Voyage, frustrated by the lack of his bombs effectiveness, lights the fuse for another one. He hands this one to Stuart, who graciously accepts it. He opens his mouth to eat it, but then is distracted by a vibrating sound and a light in his pocket. He reaches into his pocket and pulls out a cell phone.

“Halo? Babapaboi!”

He hands the the bomb back to Bomb Voyage and holds up one finger, signaling to give him a second. Bomb Voyage shows an impatient look. He checks his watch while he anxiously taps his foot. The minion finishes his gibberish and hangs up his phone.


Stuart reaches back for the bomb, but just before Bomb Voyage hands it over, it explodes, sending the villain shooting up into the sky. The minions laugh uncontrollably.

Elasitgirl stretches, creating a large circle around Syndrome. Violet puts a forcefield around Dash as he sprints and bounces off of the rubbery circle, launching himself at Syndrome. But the villain dodges and once the three are lined up he grabs them with his evil tech.

“It’s time I finish this.”

An unconscious Underminer emerges from the hole and lands on the street, followed by Mr. Incredible with a heroic jump. But as he looks up, he sees Syndrome, with his family in his grasp. There’s no way he can get to them in time. It was over, they were going to lose. Until he hears a voice.

“Freeze Ray!”

An icy beam of energy flies at Syndrome, hitting his wrist and breaking his control. Gru lowers the smoking Freeze Ray and give him an intense look.

“Enough, I’m done playing with you supers!”

Syndrome throws an S-shaped throwing star at Gru, breaking the Freeze Ray. He points his energy at a building and holds it over the family, who were now joined by the minions. Mr. Incredible rushes over to them as well.

“No one will save you now!”

But then again, a voice in the distance. But this one wasn’t Gru. In fact, this one wasn’t human.


They all look up to see Bob plummeting back down to the earth. But as he falls, banana still in hand, he pulls a remote from his pocket and presses a big red button.

A rocket takes off from the distance. Syndrome watches in amazement.

“What the...”

The rocket heads right toward him, leaving a trail of smoke in it’s wake. When it gets close, a door in the top of the rocket opens and out flies... Jack-Jack.

“Not again.”

The baby Incredible flies right at Syndrome, changing several times before becoming a heavy steel version of himself. He hit Syndrome right in the chest knocking him out. The building is about to come crashing down when Gru catches it with a gun he has used to create his very own Zero Point Energy.

He places the building down safely as Mr. Incredible approaches Syndrome. He gets next to him to see the eyes open on the debilitated villain. He mumbles something.

“You still.... lose...super.”

Before passing out, he pushes another button and the ground opens up again. A giant bomb raises from the subway tunnels. The team looks at the giant bomb in fear. Mr. Incredible looks back at everyone. His family stands together, Kevins head still on fire, Stuart and Bob fighting over the banana and Gru pushing buttons on a remote control.

“We have to get rid of this thing.”

He tries to lift it. No use. Violet tries to surround it with a forcefield. Too big. Then they hear a sound. They all turn to see a vehicle heading towards them. It was Gru’s giant, odd-shaped car.

“I suppose... I will take the bomb.”

He pushes a button and wings sprout from the sides of his car.

“Can you program that thing to take it out over water?”

Gru looks up from his remote at Mr. Incredible, and with a serious voice he replies.

“No autopilot.”

The Incredibles try to talk him out of it. They say they will figure out another way, but they really know that there is no time. The three minions slowly approach their boss.

“Boss..... boom?”

Gru pats Kevin on the head, finally extinguishing the flame.

“Yes boys. I have to be the hero. The hero... not that we need... but the one that we deserve.... right now... or something like that”

Gru wraps a chain around the bomb and takes off in this car...plane, lifting the bomb with him. He heads over water and with a flash, he is gone.

Shortly after the events, a memorial is dedicated to Gru. And Mr. Incredible unveils it, to the applause of the city of New York... and about 200 minions.


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