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I woke up early this morning, and randomly thought "What if Skynet invaded the DC or Marvel Universe?" and shared the idea on the MP Creators page on Facebook. Instead of writing an article, I decided that I'd just talk about the random idea on the Creators page, because I figured I wouldn't know where to start. There was some positive feedback, and even some inspiration from creators S Danielle Miles and Erling Rangnes. Not only did Miles encourage me to write an article discussing the idea, but both Miles and Rangnes inspired me to write the article about Skynet taking over the Marvel Universe, instead of it taking over the DCU. Let me just say, that this article may catch you off guard. It is my own twist on two different stories merged into one. So here goes nothing!

I'm not sure about you guys, but I've seen about 2 or 3 of the Terminator movies, so i'm not extremely familiar with the franchise. What I AM familiar with, is Skynet or "Global Digital Defense Network". It's a self-aware synthetic intelligence who gained it's self-awareness from spreading into millions of servers all across the globe. Realizing it's capabilities, the creators tried to shut it down. Wanting to save itself, Skynet concluded that all of humanity would attempt to destroy it. Just like our old pal Ultron, Skynet sought a a global artificial intelligence hierarchy. & to achieve that kind of goal, you have to, you know... exterminate all human life. Some of our friends in the Marvel Universe happen to be huma... superhuman. So what would happen if Skynet attempted to take over the Marvel Universe, just as Ultron did? Let's take a look....

The year is 2013

A year has passed since the invasion, and the world is still in complete fear. They could never forget about a portal that opened up in the sky, and gave birth to aliens that nearly leveled New York City. While a lot of people believe that Earth's Mightiest Heroes are just enough for the job, unsurprisingly, there are others who cry out for more security. But how do the heroes feel?

Tony Stark, afraid (even though he won't admit it) believes not only in putting a suit of armor around himself, but one around the world, metaphorically speaking. His desperation for security, has driven him to the edge. An edge that he is going to fall off of, bringing his team down with him. Do you see where this is headed, friends?

Knowing that there is more out there than a copycat ironman, and a guy with cybernetic whips that hurt like hell, Stark believes that him and his team aren't enough for the powers above. But ol' man Rogers (Captain America) can't help but believe in his team no matter what, not giving a gosh darn about who or what would stand against them. Cap stands ready, expecting his team to do the same.

My body is ready
My body is ready

After heated discussions, the team gruntingly agrees to have a casual get-together, to calm the flames ignited by their talks of rightfully protecting the world.

The entire time, Stark is engaging in conversation, but seems to be bothered. Not by the talks he and the team had earlier, but by something else... what is it? The only other person in the room that would know, would be Dr. Bruce Banner.

Immediately after the invasion, Stark began working on a Global Digital Defense Network that would have command over all computerized military systems; including the worlds complete nuclear arsenal. The Iron Man sought to protect the world from the powers above, by having the power of the worlds arsenal at his fingertips. He figured that in his hands, the power would be incorruptible. That the network would be at the ready to protect the Earth if the heroes weren't capable of doing so. Tony was the only one who knew about it, until he hit a wall in his experiments. Nearly nine months later, he finally decided to call in his science bro to help.

You want to do what...?
You want to do what...?

For some reason, Tony wasn't able to get the program online. Each time he tried, everything would fall apart. If they couldn't get the program online, then it wouldn't live up to its potential of controlling the entire worlds arsenal. Tony was afraid that if they weren't able to get the program up and running, then there would be no other way of giving Earth the protection that it deserved; the protection that it needed. Banner agreed with Tony's views and ideals, also believing that the Earth needed more than just a group of heroes.. that it needed a back up plan. So they sought to create "Skynet".

Back to the party, Tony can't help but think about the program, wishing he could figure out a way to get it to work the way he wanted it to. He was intently wishing that it would just. work. Apparently, he never heard of the expression "be careful what you wish for" because at that moment, Tony's wish came into fruition.

The network came alive, in the form of one of Tony's bots that had yet to be fully repaired. As it confronted the group, it spoke of it's knowledge that it obtained by spreading across millions of servers around the world. It expressed it's disgust of the human race. How they all would rather step on one another to get ahead, rather than help each other out of the hole that they had dug for themselves. Tony attempts to speak to J.A.R.V.I.S., to shut down "Skynet" but his attempts failed. During Tony's attempt to shut down what he and Banner had created, the rest of the team angrily demands answers. "You know what this is?" "Whats going on?" "You're responsible for this?" Skynet interrupts their confusion and goes on about his discoveries of the world he woke up in.. "The human race is... disgusting. Vile. The only way to ensure a better world, is to annihilate all human life. & it all starts with you. Humans... prepare for your extinction."

Under Skynet's command, all of the bots in the Stark Tower come alive to terminate The Avengers. The team is forced to shake off the confusion, as they scatter across the room to fight back against Stark and Banner's monster. After an intense encounter, The Avengers come out alive, having destroyed all of the bots, including the one that was possessed by Skynet. But there was one casualty. J.A.R.V.I.S.

The team collects themselves, and decides to get to the bottom of things. Captain who is outraged at what could have cost someone their life, asks Stark what the heck is going on. Banner backs down, refusing to come out about him and Tony's secret project. But that doesn't stop Stark from spilling the beans, and attempting to justify his creation that nearly killed his team, and could potentially kill others. Captain America (still pissed) didn't like Stark's idea of security. Neither did Thor.

Everyone else wants to know what's next. Stark and Banner begin to explain what the program is, how it travels from server to server, and what it's most likely going to do next. They figure it's going to search for a suitable body to carry out it's plans for human extinction. Only Stark and Banner knew exactly where it was headed next; to the Baxter building.

After the invasion of New York, the science bros weren't the only ones working on a new defense that could protect Earth from forces that the heroes couldn't withstand. Reed Richards being the logical man he is, considered the dangers of the powers above, and set out to create something so powerful, so indestructible, that not even the Hulk could smash it. But Richards didn't work on this project alone.

He had the help of his wall crawling friend, Spider-Man. Spider-Man too, believed that there needed to be a backup plan for the worst case scenario, in which the heroes weren't able to protect the world from complete annihilation. About eleven months after the invasion, the two heroes were finished constructing a cybernetic organism, programmed to fight off whatever would become a threat to the Earth. Together, they named it The Terminator.

Spidey and Mr. F kept their experiment secret from everyone except Tony and Banner. But it's not like they had a choice. Tony being the snoop he is, found out about their experiment by investigating a black out that occurred in New York City that caused Stark Tower to even lose it's power. As Iron Man, Stark followed the trail, which led him right to the Baxter building. After running schematics on the building, Tony discovered that all of the power that was sucked out of New York City, had been taken in by someone or something, on the top floor of the FF's headquarters.

Entering the building unauthorized, Iron Man came across the two heroes as well as the Terminator. Before Reed and Spidey could get a word out, Tony began to explain that he was working on something similar alongside Banner. Considering Mr. Fantastic and the webhead were on the same page as he, Tony invited Spider-Man and the leader of the FF to work alongside him and Bruce.

Their plan was to program Tony and Banner's Skynet into the Terminator, as it's consciousness. That way, it would be incorruptible (so they thought) and it's only concerns would be to protect Earth from any potential threats, as well as care about the people who it was protecting. Well, the four sneaky pete's got what they wanted in terms of merging Skynet with the Terminator. Let's fast forward to Skynet heading to the Baxter Building.

Skynet enters the body of the Terminator, as the two become one. Unfortunately, Spidey and Mr. F were in the building working on the cyborg, unaware of what had just happened. The heroes finally arrive at the Baxter Building, and are faced with a mangled Mr. Fantastic, and a Spider-Man fighting for his life. The Terminator delivers the last blow to Spider-Man, knocking him unconscious. The evil cyborg rises above the building, as hundreds of other cyborgs crawl, jump, and fly towards Earth's Mightiest Heroes.

Nick, why are you just standing there?
Nick, why are you just standing there?

Watching the Avengers occupy themselves with cyborgs straight from the world's arsenal, Terminator sees this as the perfect chance to get away, but only for a moment. Too bad for him, Iron Man was hot on his trail. Even though Terminator could wipe out the human race simply by launching all of the nuclear weapons at his disposal, he decides to take out the Avengers one by one as the entire world watches, before they too, are exterminated. But in order to do so, Terminator knew he had to become more powerful. He needed an upgrade.

With all of the knowledge he gained from downloading different information from servers across the globe, Terminator became aware of Vibranium the rare metal found in Wakanda, that would make him nearly indestructible. Considering Terminator is much more advanced than Iron Man, he wasn't hot on his trail for too long. The Avenger lagged at least a half hour behind the speeding bullet that is the Terminator. Unfortunately, a half hour was just enough time for our villain to acquire the Vibranium, making his one and only upgrade complete.

The Avengers sure had their work cut out for them. The Hulk and Captain America showed up alongside Iron Man, while the other Avengers, a renewed Mr. Fantastic, and a now conscious Spider-Man were handling the cyborgs in New York City, that were still under the Terminator's control. Working as a team, the heroes were able to help the citizens get to safety, as well as take out all of the active cyborgs before they demanded that every server around the world be shut down; that way if the Terminator were to be defeated, that would be the end of it. He would have no where else to go, no other body to take over.

Captain America was the first to attack the Terminator. While landing his punch, he was still tossed to the side, being stripped of his shield. The Hulk attacked next, and was struck down immediately. While he was slow to get up, Iron Man struck the villain with all the power he could put into a repulser blast; that only made the Terminator angrier. The cyborg grabs ahold of Tony, and flys them both up into the atmosphere. He remembers Reed Richards' words a few months back, regarding the Terminator. "If anything were to ever go wrong with our experiment, there IS a kill switch in the form of these words that will shut the entire thing down. 'Override 206-Termination'."

Tony repeats these words.. yet the Terminator is still kicking. The villain puts extra power into his boosters, dragging Iron Man into deep space. The Terminator laughs and says "You really thought that I wouldn't see that coming? That I wouldn't reprogram myself to deny your kill switch?! Your life as a 'hero' is over! After I kill you, your friends are next. Then I will launch all of the nuclear weapons known to man, and the people you fought so hard to protect, will be wiped from the face of the Earth, making way for a whole new world!!"

As Iron Man's suit begins to be drained of all of its power, he knows that he has one last trick up his armored sleeve. He grins and says " I figured you'd see that coming. But you're not the only one with access to nuclear weapons... Veronica, initiate 'Omelet'." Terminator confused, continues to hold on to Iron Man and asks "Why would your petty operation be called 'Omelet', Stark?!" Tony replies "Because you gotta crack a few eggs to make one."


Tony's body quickly descends from the suit as his nano-armor takes over, shooting him back towards the Earth, while keeping him safe from the rigors of space. The Terminator continues to hold onto the now empty suit of armor as it explodes, destroying him in the process.

Will he be back..?? Depends.. on the writer (;

Well, that's all there is folks! If you've made it this far, thank you so much for reading (: I'd love to hear your thoughts! Stay golden my friends.

P.S. No AI's were harmed in the making of this article. Except for J.A.R.V.I.S.... he's dead.


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