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Hey its that time again for me to give you another article. The subject we are talking about now, is being home alone. Lets start off with hearing noises in the house. If you hear a noise in the house it might mean that there is somebody in the house, one of your family members, or a significant other. If you have pets then there's a reason why there are noises in your house. I might have to cut this article short because i have things to do today. Lets get back to the story. So many things can happen in a house having a fire, somebody breaking into your house, or even worse getting stuck in something. If a fire happens then you start to freak out and you are by yourself and nobody to help you. If somebody is breaking into your house then you have to hide some where and not get caught hiding. Then lastly getting stuck in something. If you get stuck in something and you are by yourself, then you have to find a way to get out of the thing you are stuck in. I guess this is the end of the story i have for you today, until next Thursday i will make more news for you guys. i am sorry i didn't wright back to you guys last Thursday i was staying the night with my friend but i promise to keep up with my writing and news so until next time goodbye.


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