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If this year's Electronic Entertainment Expo has anything to prove, it was that mobile gaming has exploded into a highly profitable, and now extremely welcome presence within the industry. Almost every AAA developer and production studio has some kind of affiliation with one or more mobile studios, or their own in-house mobile game development team.

With this increase, a higher expectation is placed on what were once cute puzzle games and side-scrolling fighters. These games are given higher-quality graphics and competitors with online MOBA or MMO capabilities. FPS titles are modified to fit on our phone screens at their highest frame rate possible. The gaming industry is poised to make mobile gaming the next step for mainstream games, but their greatest challenge still remained at the limits of a cell phone's processing capabilities - until now.

Rather than wait for the next hopeful iPhone announcement, Snail Games -- the minds behind King of Wushu -- have decided to take matters into their own hands and create their very own mobile gaming phone.

Say hello to the W3D, a high definition gaming phone with the power of a console, and the convenience of portability. The phone's sleek, thin outer casing houses a 8-core high-speed CPU, built in 2G RAM and 16G ROM, a 5.5 1080p HD screen and innovative dual joystick and physical button controls build into the device. Where Nintendo introduced glasses-free 3D technology to portable gaming, the W3D capitalizes on previously untapped eye tracking tech, making the screen pop out (optionally, of course) no matter which angle you're watching from.

The W3D doesn't just stop at the technical jargon - what sold me on this phone (now available for pre-order, releasing on December 31st) were the crisp, beautiful graphics and the wide but not intrusively sized screen. The phone is a little larger than your common smartphone to accommodate its D-Pad and action buttons, as well as two joysticks. It comes unlocked, and allows players to download and play games from any google-based distributor, and a special function also allows players to customize button functionality on games that don't come with it built-in.

As with many phones on the market, the W3D is 4G LTE capable and comes unlocked to work with any provider. It survives with five to seven hours of battery life for playing with 10 to 16 hours of battery life on standby thanks to a 4000mAH battery. But beyond all of that, it's a fast, high-powered phone with the ability to bring the energy, incredible graphics, and the power needed to play full-length feature games.

As someone who has realized that growing up, working full-time and attempting to maintain a social life can drastically cut in to play time on the great games that I loved as a kid, this phone gives me hope. It brings back the feeling of playing in front of my Dad's TV, even when I'm on my commute or running between events for work. Keep an eye on this tech - it could change the way we game on the go forever.


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