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Welcome to Battle Arena everybody, and today I am posting this installment a little early because I will be gone all day tomorrow. Now for this Battle Arena, I will be pitting 2 giant animals of deadly proportions.

Our first fighter is

King Kong

The King of Skull Island. Kong is a monstrous Gorilla with an attitude. While he can be a nice gentle giant at some points, once you get on his bad side, he will show you why he is feared and worshiped by the natives on Skull Island.


  • Immense Strength- Kong has enough strength to flip and throw vehicles around with ease, and man handle V Rexes around like they're nothing. He was able to snap steel chains that were restraining him, proving him of being an incredible physical opponent.
  • Incredible Durability- Being bitten by giant dinosaurs to being riddled with high caliber machine gun bullets from fighter planes, Kong has done it all, and can handle it all.
  • Incredible senses- Being a Gorilla, Kong is able to smell things that no human can pick up.
  • Immense Stamina- Kong has enough stamina to fight against the military, climb the Empire State Building to the very top, and fight against military planes, all without getting tired. And this was under a couple of hours.

Alright, this is what Kong is bringing to the table. Lets check out his opponent.

Indominus Rex

This bad boy was cooked up in a lab using the DNA and genetics from multiple different types of dinosaurs, creating the perfect hybrid.


  • Massive strength- The Indominus Rex has the strength and running power to break through closing doors designed to keep it encaged. And being able to knock around a Tyrannosaurus Rex around, proves that the Indominus Rex is quite the dinosaur
  • Super durability- The Indominus Rex tanked a blast from a rocket launcher, which, while it didn't hit it directly, the Dino withstood the explosion, along with being bit by a T Rex multiple times, and being unaffected by both of these prime examples, showing that the Indominus Rex can take a hit.
  • High Intelligence- The Indominus Rex's most useful ability, it possesses vast intelligence, allowing it to outsmart every human on the island of Isla Nubar. Tricking them and setting traps for them, the Indominus Rex is without a doubt the smartest animal mankind has ever faced ever (Well, in the Jurassic Park franchise).
  • Camouflage- The indominus Rex possesses DNA from a cuttlefish, giving it Camouflage capabilities that is so effective, it can make the creature even invisible to thermal sensors

Alright, now we have seen what these monstrous animals are capable of doing to prove them to be at the top of the animal kingdom, lets see who will be at the top.


Fighting Simulation:

(The Jungle is quiet. Silence has enveloped all of Skull Island, only for birds to suddenly fly out of the trees. A loud roar is heard in the distance. King Kong is seen, pounding his chest as he scares off a herd of Velociraptors. Kong looks in the sky and sees a plane flying above the island. Kong roars and runs on all fours after the plane. The plane is seen to be owned by InGen, and is seen to be a large Cargo Plane. The plane lands on the Island and multiple armed gunmen are seen exiting the back of it, revealing a large metal crate inside.)

Soldier 1: How are we going to get off this island? We’re out of fuel!

Soldier 2: I don’t know, don’t yell at me; I’m not the one who sent us here to deliver this fucked up thing.

Soldier 1: Whatever.

Soldier 3: Hey, guys? The hatch on the crate is opened!

Soldier 1: What do you me-

(The crate suddenly opens up and the 3rd soldier is eaten whole by the Indominus Rex. The soldiers stare in shock and shoot at the best, but the Indominus Rex runs and is about to eat one soldier, only to get rammed in the side by King Kong, knocking the Indominus Rex down to the ground. The Indominus Rex gets up and roars at Kong, who delivers his own roar.)

Soldier 1: Let's get the hell out of here!

(King Kong and the Indominus Rex stare each other down, then deliver a roar respectively, right before running at each other. King Kong grabs the Indominus Rex’s head and throws it to the ground. The indominus Rex rolls onto its feet and lunges at Kong, biting onto his shoulder. kong roars and punches the Indominus Rex multiple times. The indominus Rex quickly dodges Kong’s last punch and bites onto Kong’s neck. Kong roars and grabs onto the Indominus Rex. He roars and lifts the dinosaur in the air and throws it, crushing many trees in the process. The Indominus Rex quickly gets up, and as Kong throws a punch at the Indominus Rex, the dinosaur ducks and bites onto Kong’s arm. Kong punches the Indominus Rex multiple times, but fails to release the Indominus Rex’s grasp. Angry, Kong grabs the indominus Rex from below and lifts it into the air and smashes it onto the ground, freeing himself from the dinosaur’s bite. Kong grabs the Indominus Rex’s head and pins it to the ground. Kong roars and punches the dino multiple times, but the Indominus Rex frees itself by digging its claws into Kong’s hands. Free, The Indominus Rex smashes its head up into King Kong’s jaw, knocking him back. Kong stumbles but maintains his balance, then throws many punches at the Indominus Rex, who manages to dodge all of Kong’s attack. The indominus rex then runs behind Kong and bites his ankle, causing him to stumble around and fall over. The Indominus Rex then steps on Kong’s chest and digs its claws into his chest. Kong roars in pain and punches the Indominus rex’s leg off his chest, allowing Kong to get up and ram his shoulder into the dinosaur. The Indominus Rex steps back as Kong throws a punch, allowing The indominus Rex to jump onto Kong’s back, dig its claws into his back, and bite onto his neck. Kong roars and wobbles around, but fails to remove the dinosaur from his back. Kong then jumps up and falls on his back, crushing the Indominus Rex. This results in the dino’s claws digging deeper into Kong’s back, but frees Kong from its grasp. Both monsters get up, with Kong left hooking the Indominus Rex in the face, knocking it onto the ground. Kong looks at his injuries, then growls as he slowly walks over to the Indominus Rex, who is laying on the floor motionless. Kong lifts his fists in the air and attempts to smash them down onto the dinosaur, but the Indominus rex quickly spins around, tripping Kong with its tail. Kong falls over and tries to get up, but the Indominus Rex runs and bites onto his head. Kong roars in pain and smashes his fist onto the indominus rex’s head. This only helps in hurting Kong more, as the Indominus Rex’s grip is extremely tight. King Kong grabs the upper and lower jaws of the Indominus Rex and lifts them apart, slowly freeing himself from its bite. Kong quickly moves his head back and uppercuts the Indominus Rex, knocking it back. Kong punches it multiple times, but The Indominus Rex quickly catches one of Kong’s punches with its mouth. The Indominus rex bites onto Kong’s hand with immense force. Kong roars and punches the Indominus Rex many times with his other hand. The Indominus Rex endures the pain and bites Kong’s hand to the point of immobility, rending Kong’s hand weak and useless. Kong quickly crushes the Indominus Rex’s body with his own, freeing his hand and suffocating the indominus rex due to his immense size. The Indominus rex roars and slashes Kong many times with its claws. Kong moves back in pain, freeing the indominus rex, which circles around the injured Kong. The 2 monsters glare at each other, and they both share a roar. The indominus Rex lunges at Kong, diggings its claws into his shoulders and biting onto his face. Kong grabs The indominus Rex and lifts it over his head, then drops down, smashing its head into the ground. The Indominus rex stumbles around and is disoriented due to the head injury. This allows Kong to punch it multiple times, then grabs its head, hold it in place, then land a well placed cross, knocking it onto the ground. Kong pounds on his chest and roars, only for the Indominus Rex to run away. Kong runs after it, but the Indominus Rex suddenly disappears. Kong looks around, but finds nothing. He sniffs, but to no avail. The Indominus Rex is completely gone. The Indominus Rex is then seen behind Kong, having used camouflage to disappear. The Indominus Rex lunges and bites onto Kong’s ankle. Kong roars in pain and attempts to shake the dinosaur off his foot, but to no success. The Indominus Rex then tears through Kong’s ankle to the point where Kong can barely stand. The Indominus Rex then let's go and and lunges onto Kong, biting into his shoulder. Kong is slashed multiple times by the Indominus rex’s claws, but manages to punch the Indominus rex in the face hard enough to knock it off. The Indominus Rex backs away and roars at King Kong. Kong attempts to stand, but falls down due to his ankle. Kong roars at the Indominus Rex, who runs and rams into Kong, knocking him onto his back on the ground. Kong rolls over, but is then clawed on the back by the Indominus Rex. The Dinosaur slides his claws into Kong’s back, putting him in tons of pain. Kong roars in agony. The Indominus Rex then roars in the air and bites onto Kong’s neck. Kong then smashes his fists onto the ground and lifts himself up, despite the Indominus Rex being on his back. Kong roars and falls on his back, crushing the Indominus Rex. The 2 Monsters get up and Kong uppercuts the dinosaur, knocking it back. Kong then lunges at the Indominus rex and smashes its head into the ground. Kong then immediately kicks it in the head with his uninjured foot. The Indominus Rex backs away, shakes its head and lunges at Kong, who grabs the Indominus Rex and slams it into the ground. Kong begins bashing the Indominus Rex’s head, then steps on its lower jaw and slowly twists its upper jaw, snapping it out of place, killing the Indominus Rex. King Kong pounds on his chest and roars into the sky.)

Winner = King Kong

Reason: The Eighth wonder of the world wins this Battle Arena. While the Indominus Rex holds the speed advantage, and has brains over Kong’s brawn, King Kong just beats the Indominus Rex due to his feats. Kong was able to hold his own and defeat 3 V Rexes while making sure Anne was safe. Now the V Rex is an evolved T Rex, making it stronger, and more effective in combat and hunting than the average T Rex, which was able to hold off the Indominus Rex for a little bit. Now the Indominus rex is way more intelligent than Kong, utilizing its camouflage in order to land hits on Kong to weaken him, but King Kong’s superior strength, immense durability, and large amounts of stamina make it the winner in this Battle Arena.


The King of Street Fighter
The King of Street Fighter


The 9 Tails Jinchuuriki
The 9 Tails Jinchuuriki

Thank you guys for reading this. I went to see Jurassic World and it was awesome, so I decided to make this Battle Arena based off it. I hope you enjoyed it and I hope you tune in on Tuesday to see which Martial Arts Master beats who.


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