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I'm really hoping this WILL be better than the movie, for the following reasons: 1) It will be more accurate. Maybe since it will be spread out throughout different episodes, they will get more of the details and story plot right. I think I'd be okay if they took a bit of an artistic license and added more mystery or different plot lines, just so people who read the books didn't know exactly what was happening, just as long as they kept the conclusion and characters and basic guidelines the same, like the movie did. 2) Getting through all of the books. In the movie they just got through the first three, and tweaked it around a bit, but I'm hoping they don't take off from where the movie left off. I would like for them to start clean, and make it from the very first book to the very last book. That'd be great, and if they do switch it around, at least get to a better conclusion than the movie did. I get that the books end with many questions unanswered, but I'm hoping the show has a better, more fulfilling ending than the movie left us with. 3) Lastly, I just really would like it if Count Olaf was more creepy and looming, instead of a funny, joking Count Olaf, like in the movie. I know that most of the publicity of the movie was because Jim Carrey was in it, and he made it somewhat lighter for kids with his humor, but I liked in the books how I was afraid of Count Olaf. You never knew when he was going to push someone into a pit of lions or throw them down an elevator shaft or whatever. In the movie I felt like he wasn't the narcissistic, creepy, killing machine he was in the book, and I know that's better for kids, but this should be a more young adult TV show, in my opinion. Anyways, I'm super glad this is happening, and I hope they do some of these things. And sorry for the long post, this was just the first series I ever read and loved, so I have strong feelings for it. Thanks!


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