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Azaan Khan

Well, who didn't watch the Game of Thrones Season finale? As we saw, Jon Snow was stabbed by the people of The Watch, and if you notice, his eyes did seem a little different than before. A sort of Orange color could be seen. Well according to my theory, Melisandre watches everything from the back and puts some kind of a spell on Jon Snow, which saves his life. Jon Snow then falls in love with her and vice versa. Later on, after winter finishes, he finds out that he is the son of Rhaegar Targaryen and Lyanna Stark, and he embarks on a quest to meet the Khaleesi, who at that time, has found her old people people, or tribe, and has taken back full control of her dragons and Meereen. Jon goes to her along with Melisandre, who he wants to marry but he then falls in love with Daenerys, or Khaleesi. So, Melisande's heart gets broken and she puts a spell on the dragons, turning them to stone, and a curse on Khaleesi too, which stops her aging. She then starts chanting a spell, to destroy everyone in Meereen, when Jon Snow holds her tight, causing her to explode and kill Jon too. Daenerys gets pushed out of Meereen too, when her dragons turn into stone and she moves to an island for hundreds of years and after her solitude, a ship comes to that island, where many people find her. They ask her about when she landed on the island and she replies by saying she'd only been there for 2 weeks. She then fakes her every single detail about her childhood, and adopts the name Sarah Connor. She then gives birth to Kyle Reese's son, John Connor, who was named after Jon Snow, her old love, after which, take place the incidents of Skynet and Judgement Day. Hope you liked this theory.


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