ByBrandon Hoke, writer at
Brandon Hoke

Hulk who is gamma radiation. The deadliest radiation known, and to think heat vision would harm him. Well, think again! Have you ever heard of radiation burn? For the people who doesn't logically think before expressing their opinion. Radiation burn is real. Patients who receive radiation treatments gets burned sometimes. In comparison to gamma radiation that's a low level radiation. Think of what pure gamma radiation can do. Next, Hulk's regeneration factor is off the charts. He has been rendered practically to his bones, and in a matter of moments he regenerated muscle and skin to conquer his foe. Great Superman can fly. Hulk has amazing jumping ability. Also, if he is going to fight Hulk. He has to close the distance. That equals opportunity for Hulk. Another thing, if Superman uses flying as a coward tactic. Who would want to waste their time reading or seeing that crap. It's the two big heavy hitters. We want a epic throw down. Not a hit and run! Hulk does have one big advantage. He doesn't get tired. Coward tactic...superman may win. Head to head....Hulk wins.


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