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Note: This was written on 6/12/2015

Now as I sit here in my cushy apartment I have a confession to every single reader here. I have just gotten home from going to see Jurassic World and man did I enjoy the movie itself, but it reminded me about why I hate going to movies opening night.

The movie itself had its flaws, as all movies do, but me, I found myself feeling like I was a kid again. They had some hysterical shout-outs to the original film that shaped so much of my childhood, but did so with such loving affection that I knew the franchise was in good hand

Chris Pratt did his role amazingly and, while part of me will always see him as his character Andy, he is doing well to move past that role. He is too versatile an actor to be pigeonholed by the Hollywood elite

Either way, I say this to any movie fan of the franchise: go see this film. Go with friends and enjoy it, or wait until home release; either way, you need to see it. If you loved the franchise and still think of it with the wide eyes of a child who didn't know what CG was, who thought (if even for a moment) that the original was real, it will bring that feeling back to your heart with such a rush, you will cherish it.

Now the downside has to be mentioned. And it isn't even the movie! The downside was going to see a film opening day. I am a self-admitted homebody. I prefer to see films from the comfort of my living room, in my chair, with whoever I want to be around, or by myself. But for certain movies that I am dying to see, I will venture out to watch, and Jurassic World, to me, was one of those titles.

Firstly, a big issue, for me, was the line. We got to the theatre an hour before show time, and we were corralled into a line that we had to stand in like cattle. Now, not only is that an uncomfortable feeling, but being in Arizona, you would think that Air Conditioning would be a concern. It may have been on, but I didn't feel much cooler than I was outside.

Secondly, I know most people like to think they are in their own personal bubble, whenever they are out in public. It’s even better for them to not concern themselves with the conversation of others, or what they hear. I get that and I understand that, but you have to know this. We can hear you. We don't want to hear about your yeast infection, what chick you got with last night, and, the topper of it, that you already hate a movie you haven't seen yet, due to "insert random reason here".

Thirdly, well, the third might as well be linked to the last reason a bit. To the asshat I overheard saying these words "Dinosaurs would have had feathers, man; the whole movie is bullshit!" I say these words to you. If you wanted to see a realistic movie, I would suggest anything but Jurassic World. There is nothing real about a movie like this. While I would love, and I mean LOVE to be able to go to an amusement park where I could see living dinosaurs, I doubt that will happen in my lifetime. Not only that, but I doubt that, if it did happen, that the "science" used in these films could be applied. Do yourself a favor and watch nature documentaries instead of going to see a sci-fi movie, and then complain about how it’s not possible. We all know this, but we also know that, when watching Star Trek, Captain Kirk is kind of a jerk, and when watching Harry Potter, we know he has to live, since he is the Boy That Lived. We want suspense, drama, action, if we wanted reality we would be watching the news. We have enough to deal with that every day.

So, that is a bit of a rant, and I do apologize. I want everybody to know that, while I have my reasons to hate going to opening nights, this will not stop me. I don't think anything ever will. I will continue to go, like many other fans do.

I will go and enjoy, and get caught up in the moment, while watching some unnatural and improbable situations arise. I will see the heroes get caught up in an unwinnable situation, and hold my breath, until I know they are alright. This is the power of cinema; this is the power of the story and the medium.

I will continue to go, and get annoyed by moviegoers who forget that others can hear them. I will go and see parents bringing a small child to a film that they, most likely, shouldn't be seeing. I will go and get my overpriced popcorn and soda. I will sit in an uncomfortable seat for the duration of the film. I will see the lights slowly dim and see myself and the dozens of people who annoyed me just a minute ago all slowly hush and then become captivated and all become what we are meant to be. I will become a believer and a fan over and over again. To me, that’s a complete winning situation.

Final Grades:

Going Outside to See Film: F

Jurassic World: A+


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