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Some comic book movies are good, some bad, some a bit of both. Then there are those ones that cause some controversy among fans that seem to ruin movies. I'm here to put these controversies to rest so we may sleep once more.

Spider-Man 3 - Dancing Spidey

Spider-Man 3 was a bit of a weird film. It was a bit of a mess but all-in-all, I found it to be a fun film. I simply didn't take it seriously and laughed at its insanity. That's where this extremely unpopular scene comes in. After being consumed by the symbiote, Peter took the streets of New York and showed off his swag by dancing.

I can see why people hated it. It's ridiculous, out of character and just doesn't belong in a Spider-Man film. I believe that's exactly what it should be. It made fans disgusted by this act of blasphemy because it was just so wrong. Peter was consumed by the symbiote and did stuff that fans absolutely hated, just like what the symbiote should be making you feel like.

Even then, life's too short to complain about a stupid dancing Tobey Maguire. To me, it was just a gag that gave me a little giggle in an already bad film. It was the sort of scene that stood out in a film that people were already hating.

The Dark Knight Rises - Bane Twist

After Batman takes down Bane, it's revealed that he isn't the actual mastermind of the film, but he's love interest Talia Al Ghul who has been disguised as Bruce Wayne's business associate Miranda Tate. Fans were outraged to find out that such an imposing villain would turn out to just be someone who is hopelessly in love with someone who he can never have.

For reasons I can never quite properly explained, this never bothered me when I first watched the film. If anything, his abrupt death was a lot more annoying. To get back on track, the true point of Bane's plan wasn't himself but a much more complex concept that not even Batman could see through.

Bane and Talia deceived Bruce very cleverly and gave him false hope. As Miranda, Talia gave Bruce the love he thought he could never have again and made him believe in the goodness of people again. To Batman, Bane was a fearless mastermind who gave Batman fear. The tables had completely turned and Batman was completely shocked to find out that Miranda was the true mastermind and Bane was simply a puppet. Well played, Talia.

Iron Man 3 - Trevor Slattery

I can see why people hated this, I hated it too. It broke my heart to find out that the Mandarin was simply a drunk actor but does it make this a terrible twist? Well, no. This twist is fine when you look at it from an analytical stand point.

Do you know why people hated this twist? It was because they were big fans of the Mandarin in the comics and were excited to see him in a film only to be disappointed. Our expectations were deceived and we felt betrayed because it wasn't what we wanted.

If we actually looked at the twist logically and not from a biased fan's perspective, it's a pretty good twist. I can't think of many films that have done this and Aldrich Killian is a genius for coming up with this plan. Aldrich hides in the shadows while the rest of the world looks for someone who doesn't even exist in a country on the other side of the world. And he would have gotten away with it, if it weren't for those meddling heroes.

Man Of Steel - Superman Kills General Zod

I hate when people complain about this, it just makes my stomach churn. Their cries are completely unjustified. In the film's climax, Zod threatens to kill a family unless Superman kills him in an attempt to corrupt him. Superman complies and snaps Zod's neck.

Sure, it sounds brutal but when you really look at the scene carefully there's nothing wrong with it. First of all, this isn't a movie about Superman, it's a movie about the origin of Superman. You can't just expect him to be perfect right off the bat. He's still learning how to be a proper hero and it's expected for him to make mistakes along the way. Otherwise, he can't be relatable.

Secondly, Superman didn't have a choice. Superman either kills a megalomaniac hellbent on genocide or he lets Zod kill an innocent family. Would you have rather seen the family die? Ok, fine. You're all family killers now. Happy?

And thirdly, it wasn't like Superman wanted to. He didn't just kill Zod, strike a confident and fly off into space with a smile (that's basically what he did in Superman II by the way but nobody seems to have a problem with that). No, he killed Zod, fell onto the floor and started crying with a great amount of regret. Superman understood the problem with what he did and felt terrible about it.

Got any other comic book movie controversies that you feel were unjustified? Tell me in the comments below and maybe we can have a discussion.


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