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I consider this generation a pretty lucky crop of people when it comes to pop culture. Seasoned by nerd parents, so many of us grew up with knowledge of yesteryear's pop culture classics, our brand of 1990's punk attitude, and the power of digital media. Our thirst for modernized nostalgia represented as a blend of our favorite things can lead to incredible, outrageous indie movies originally made in someone's basement later being shown at Cannes.

While Grrl Scouts, the first major project from Mike Diva and New Form Digital, may not be going to Cannes (yet), the 14-minute short debuted online today and is slowly taking the internet by storm. Based on the original comic by Jim Mahfood, Grrl Scouts tells the story of three punk-girl drug dealers with superpowers. Described as "Scott Pilgrim meets Broad City," the short brings to life some of our favorite comic book visuals and blends them with a hilarious script, resulting in a kick-ass Girl Power movie that revives the spirit of 90's teenage anarchy.


Mike Diva, known for his incredible special effects work and over-the-top indie productions, brings flare and ferocity to the short's every element. The action doesn't move as fast as a shaky Hollywood blockbuster, allowing hilarious and nostalgic special effects work to take over the scene and put our heroines in a world of bloody whimsy.

The diverse main trio (Anna Akana as the goal-driven leader Gwen; Benita Robeldo as the wild and killer Daphne; and Hope Harris as Rita, the upbeat but struggling martial artist) may be a little clueless, but it's their authentic efforts and badass fighting moves that lead them to victory. There's even room for a super-techno-nineties character development sequence that looks like an acid trip taking place somewhere in downtown Miami. It's awesome.


With visuals that studios should be jealous of, a cast with timing to rival an entire UCB theater troupe, and a message of friendship between girls fueled by a thirst for blood and pizza, Grrl Scouts is one of the most entertaining things to debut for free on YouTube in years.


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