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OK. First we had the Eric Bana HULK...and we said Marvel what are you doing? Then came Edward Norton'so HULK.... and we thought OK....not bad, but still come on Marvel. You nailed Iron Man, why can'take you get a beloved charater like the HULK down? You have the technology....but you need star power too! 2012....enter Mark Ruffalo. NAILED IT! I don'the believe there is a Marvel fan who does not like Ruffalo'so HULK the best. He fit the roll...he played Banner so well, we were chomping at the bit for more HULK right after the first Avengers! Well he didn't get a solo movie in Phase 2, and many fans were not happy. But somewhere along the way, the storyline of Planet Hulk came into the rumor machine. Speculation of somehow getting that Planet Hulk movie and Ruffalo getting a shot he deserves. 2015... [The Avengers: Age Of Ultron](tag:293035). We got to see more HULK! Finally! Once again nailed it! But there was an ending that lead many to believe...he flies to space...possibly meeting the Guardians of the Galaxy perhaps? Landing somewhere up there in the great unknown perhaps? Who knows. But some still speculate...thats'so the only play for Marvel, is to go with the Planet Hulk storyline.

Well, now we may even get more Hulk before that. It has been rumored and Ruffalo himself spilling the beans....that Banner and the HULK will appear in next year'so highly, highly, highly anticipated film Captain America: Civil War. This film is being called Avengers 2 1/2...and it so jam packed with stars...characters and epicness, it'seems like a comic book coming to life on the big screen! There is so much excitement, I am beside myself, that we have to wait over a whole year! BUT back to the HULK.

So many many speculations...and Marvel just keeps us on edge. However, Ruffalo has too many films on his contract, NOT to do either a solo HULK movie or possibly the Planet HULK movie we all want to see. So in the meantime, designers like myself like to imagine what it would look like, or be like if Marvel drops a Planet HULK movie soon. Enjoy this eye candy for now, and stay tuned for Marvel to surprise us down the road with HULK GOODNESS!


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