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As of today, i stumbled upon the comic book entitled "Countdown to Infinite Crisis". Now, i don't read comic books as much as i would like but this was such a great story. The story focused on Blue Beetle the 2nd uncovering the Omac project. Through out the story, the Justice League was constantly criticizing and insulting him. Ranging from rude comments to talking behind his back. He often questioned why he was even in the Justice League. He wasn't the only one questioning his place. Booster Gold was in the exact same situation, sort of. But these two friends stuck together through thick and thin. Blue Beetle didn't have to question his fellow partner. Ted Kord has just recently become my favorite Blue Beetle and my favorite superhero, take that Batman. So, here i am, about to tell you why Ted is the true hero we deserve.

His Perseverance

Kord being a narrative bad-ass
Kord being a narrative bad-ass

Beetle was constantly questioning himself and his abilities. But he tried his hardest to fight for the good. He was never one to back down from a fight. True, he may not have been the greatest fighter, but he almost always found a way to win. Almost.

He's a Genius

I'm not comparing him to Batman, but yes, he's a genius. He developed weapons for himself and his scientific mind is matched to only few. In my book, I'd consider him a genius.

He has no problem with socializing

Ted Kord has never had a problem with speaking his mind. Which is extremely useful when you're a superhero. You wouldn't hate him that much if he just spoke to you for a bit.

He's not afraid to laugh

Blue Beetle is known for always being a bit goofy. Which is okay in some circumstances. He knows laughter helps you get through the tough parts of his job.

He's a good friend

You can always count on Ted to do the right thing when it comes to friends. He's made plenty of sacrifices for them and he's willing to it again if it shows you guy's are friends.

He's braver than any of us could ever be

The last thing he ever said
The last thing he ever said

This picture above proves just how brave he was. Faced with an ultimatum between life and death, he chose death because he fought the good fight. He had admitted to being afraid several times. That takes more courage than you could ever realize.

Blue Beetle is my idol. He is my model for everything that's truly good in this world. He may be a fictional character, but he was our fictional character. He will always be the hero that we deserve. Goodbye, Theodore Kord. Rest in Peace.

What did you think? Do you believe me? Let me know in the comments!


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