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Zack Snyder, you bastard. You did it.

In case you guys are wondering what, here is what. I cannot believe that you guys never noticed this.

Well, it is about man of steel. Now, I know that this movie had a mixed critical reception and all that. A lot of people felt that this was a good movie and that it differentiated the DC cinematic universe from the MCU. But, others felt that the movie was bad. They had good reason to, because through the movie, superman is not the comic hero superman. He trashed almost half the city in the fight with Zod and he could have saved more lives.

Personally, I loved this movie and I had forgiven Superman because he was a rookie. And this was not the comic book world the dccu has set itself in, it is our world. Marvel had handled the subject of realism throughout phase 1 by having an organisation known as SHIELD.

Now, I know what you all are thinking. Why didn't DC do the same routine? Dont they have a similar organisation called ARGUS? and why couldn't have snyder tonned down the destruction in the final fight better?

This is Zack Snyder we're talking about. He could have done something. But he allowed the mass destruction to play over. And that was what would happen if two godly aliens fought.

But here is the fun part.

In the teaser trailer for BATMAN V SUPERMAN:DAWN OF JUSTICE, Superman's actions in Man Of Steel are being heavily criticised

And now, look at the critical reception of Man of Steel. In countless online forums, comic vines and video replies, a lot of people have supported Superman, saying that he was a rookie and he was quite heroic enough by coming out and fighting, while others have criticised him for causing quite a lot of destruction.Some regarded him as a brave hero, while others called him GENOCIDAL MANIAC who is not a hero and that the world doesn't deserve him.

Don't you all see it? this was exactly how the world in the DC cinematic universe had reacted. For god's sake, have we ever argued for a marvel movie? I mean, with the exception of my personal favourite Captain america the winter soldier, no movie was ever able to transcend from the silver screen to the real world.

We had argued so much about this destruction as if it happened in our world. Well, this was what Zack Snyder had always wanted: a real world movie with superheroes in it. I think, deep down, he was smiling after reading the reviews.

And, what marvel had acheived in their entire phase 1, dc had acheived in a single movie.

Not sure? let us see.

Things established in the world of MCU (PHASE 1);



It showed how people would react to an alien invasion. Well, look at it. I mean, come on. Except for a few politicians and a few people wondering why and how these aliens attacked, a lot of people were like "yay! theses guys are cool" kinda thing. This is not exactly a real world-istic reaction.

Now, let us look at the dc cinematic universe's world and let us see what it had established:



That's right, because in this dc world, batman is a retired vigilante and he will come back in dawn of justice, but he is already a pop culture icon, remember?

Remember the "KEEP CALM AND CALL BATMAN" poster at man of steel?

this proves that the dc movie universe knows what they are doing, unlike some stupid trolls say. this has proved that they can have a real life impact on the real, current, non celluloid world we are living in. And this is what will differentiate it from the MCU.

Don't get me wrong, I love the MCU. I admire everything that they had done, turning lesser known superheroes into iconic pop culture villains.

And as for the dc fans, don't worry, we will see superman evolving into more of a favorite superhero we recognise with as man of steel was about the journey of kal el taking on the mantle. Dawn of Justice will make him a hero.

still not convinced? here is word from the man of steel himself, Henry Cavill.

This is for marvel trolls. The avengers were six in number and they were fighting some stupid aliens, not like superman, who was combating a genuine threat and was all alone.

what if the avengers fought a genuinely villain?
what if the avengers fought a genuinely villain?

this is my first article and so, thank you moviepilot!!


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