BySean Lee, writer at

I chose marvel. Ive been reading titles from both companies since the early eighties. Although i will admit it is difficult to argue a case when it comes down to heroes and villains with powers and skills that are damn near the same, what makes them different or more powerful from one another are the slight minute details about the character himself/herself. I like marvel because its a new york based universe and the characters themselves have tackled many worldwide issues dealing with everday struggles we deal with on a daily basis. Marvel the company itself has produced fantastic storylines and artwork that captivated us for years wishing our favorite comic book would one day be a movie. On the other hand DC is also a good company as well, but there was always something about dc that just couldnt quite measure up to marvels standards. A lot of DC's characters are still unknown to the public, the most famous heroes are the original justice leauge members and thats pretty much it. When it comes to marvel the world is familiar with more than just the avengers their familiar with x-men, fantastic four, cosmic beings such as silver surfer and galactus, vigilanties such as spidey,punisher, daredevil. Etc, etc.

But the roles are somewhat reversed now. During the eighties DC made better movies about their characters than marvel. Only problem, was that Dc wasnt consistent with their cinematic films when they should have been. And marvel on the other hand didnt do too good with films but their books were awsome and lead the race with that alone until they started making their own films and that pretty much was the start of their cinematic universe with the success of blade.


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