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There are characters in film, television, and video games who have been become extremely popular for various reasons. These characters are often seen rebooted, reimagined (at times), and as wardrobes on cosplayers at convention centers. Sometimes, a character will inspire companies and producers to create a replica character in their market. For example, the video game character from the Uncharted series, Nathan Drake, is an inspired creation from Indiana Jones. Both characters are adventurers who venture across the world to prevent ancient artifacts falling in to the wrong hands. Obviously, there are differences between their personalities and actions they take to accomplish the goal, however, the inspiration can be seen. Also, both characters do not work alone (all the time). They utilize a “sidekick” that helps them survive while fighting against the enemy. For this contest, I decided to have these two artifact hunters team up for one common goal, with assistance from Henry Jones Sr. (Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade) and Victor Sullivan (Uncharted).

The Situation

It is quite clear what would have these two men team up. For this plot, there is an ancient Mayan mask that is hidden deep in the jungle of Mexico. The mask is worth millions which could make the holder of said mask a very wealthy person. The unimaginable wealth from the mask is what attracts Nathan Drake to it, since he is a criminal. However, what is not known by Drake (and most people in the world) is that the mask has ancient powers that grants the holder powers of strength, immortality, and great military knowledge (war/battle strategies). The Mayan people would create these masks for every ruler that would command their people, but destroy the old mask once the ruler died so the power would not fall into the wrong hands (the mask only gives immortality when worn and rulers would only wear it during wars and battles). In the fall of the Mayan empire, the last ruler’s mask never was destroyed. It was left somewhere deep in the ruins of the empire. Jones and his father are aware of the great power that the mask beholds and the plot by a rising military extremist in Mexico to obtain the mask in order to use it to conquer Mexico and the Americas. This situation fits the criteria for how both men would get involved: for Drake, the initial chase of wealth, and for Jones, the protection of a sacred artifact.

Indiana Jones and Henry Jones Sr.

As stated above, father-son combination would voluntarily jump into this situation because it is for the overall greater-good of society and the protection of a valuable artifact. Now, Indiana Jones has had a few “sidekicks” in his four movies. Although Short Round is a memorable character from Temple of Doom, Jones’s father is perhaps the more memorable and likable assistant Jones has had in the movies. Also, Henry Jones fits better with the team up with Drake and Sullivan since he is older like Sullivan. Providing the same type of guidance character to Jones as Sully does for Drake, the parallels between those two characters would fit this team up nicely. Although in Last Crusade Henry does place himself into danger (which forces Indiana to risk his own wellness to rescue his father), he provides the team of four more “book” wisdom than Sully would.

Nathan Drake and Victor Sullivan

The Uncharted series has provided two memorable characters in the PlayStation lineup. Both Drake and Sullivan are thieves who will choose to prevent catastrophe rather than profit from it. In the games, Drake normally starts the adventure by going after the value of the artifact. However, over the course of the game, Drake realizes that he has to put the monetary desires aside for the good of others (and at times himself). Since that is part of his personality, he would easily decide to join Jones to prevent the Mexican extremist from obtaining the mask. Along with Drake, Sullivan is the older, wiser criminal of the two. Acting as a father figure to Drake in his backstory, Sully always follows Drake’s lead whenever he determines what he is going after. Similar to Henry Jones, Sullivan can provide addition backup for the two main adventurers (as well as providing great comic relief if this were a movie; which leads to me to a quick side note, Bruce Campbell should play Sullivan in any sort of adaptation of the video game).

The Climax (Who Lives?)

In this mini-plot that I have created, I imagine this situation occurring in a certain way. Both Jones and Drake will venture into the jungles of Mexico in search of the mask. Somewhere along the way, they run into each other, causing a standoff between the two (each thinking the other is an enemy going after the mask). During said standoff where both men hold guns to each other, Jones explains to Drake about the mask (insert snide comments from Drake about Jones’s explanation of the value of the mask along with Jones’s age) and the secret power that the mask give the wearer. With this new knowledge, Drake agrees to team up with Jones in order to prevent the extremist from finding it. Cue scenes that are similar to the video games (Jones and Drake fighting off portions of the militia that the extremist has) on the road to the temple where the mask is hidden and then when they reach the temple, cue scenes similar to the movies (them stumbling upon death traps as they draw close to the mask). Once they obtain the mask, they attempt to leave the temple only to find themselves surrounded by the enemy. This is where the climax will occur.

As Drake and Jones hide behind a wall, gunfire rains down upon them, leaving them unable to fully grasp the situation. While the enemy continues their assault, sniper shot can be heard from atop the temple. Sullivan was able to follow Jones and Drake, as he normally does in Uncharted, to provide aid to them at the largest crisis. However, he is outnumbered and running out of shots to help fend off the enemy. Eventually, one of the assault rifles catches Sully in the heart and kills him. Drake realizes that the only way that one of them can survive this is if he sacrifices himself. Convincing Jones to trust him, Drake climbs out from the behind the wall with his hands in the air. He has Jones’s satchel and claims that the mask is inside of it. As the militia focuses their attention on Drake, Jones is able to slip out through the jungle to find his father waiting for him in one of the militia’s vehicles. Drake approaches the leader with the satchel around his shoulder. When the leader orders him to reveal the mask to him, Drake pulls out a gun instead, shooting the leader dead. He is killed quickly by the men surrounding him, who only become angrier when they search the satchel for the mask to find nothing. It is revealed that Jones hid the mask as he escaped and safely hands it over to the right personal who destroy the mask.


As a fan of the both the Indiana Jones movies and the Uncharted video games, I would believe that these two would form a solid team if faced with the right situation. Unforunately for this contest, one of them had to die. I chose Jones to survive because Drake would most likely sacrifice himself over somebody he would see as nobler than he. In the video games, he has cheated death numerous times and I believe he would accept sacrificing himself after Sullivan did the same for him.


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