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Magneto has always been a character that fights for what he believes in. He feels that the humans will never agree or support the mutants and he will do whatever is necessary to prove them wrong. But, he also has a ego and feels that he can do anything and that he is the one who must show the world his powers. But, what happens when he's faced with a task that he knows he can't succeed in. Will he stand down and let others fight or will he try and show the world that he can still do it? That's the question that is posed in this issue and we are shown in his eyes what he is willing to do to prove that he is the greatest and most powerful mutant alive.

Earth is being destroyed. The final incursion has happened and both the 616 universe and the Ultimate universe are in their final moments.Now, anyone that is reading Secret wars knows what is going to happen, but that doesn't take away from the drama that Cullen Bunn gives us again in this issue of Magneto. The drama isn't about what Magneto is going to do to stop the inversion from happening. It's about the lengths he will take to try and stop them, and his own mindset regarding what he must do. He feels he is the only mutant that can succeed at this. He knows that this will be his final mission, because even if he succeeds, the power he must use will destroy him from the inside. But, this will not stop Magnus. In fact, knowing this will actually make him even stronger. That is the drama and the spirituality that is displayed in this issue. The issue also contained another cliffhanger that will make us want to return for the next issue, even though we already know the ending. If Magneto #19 is any indication of how Erik Lehnsherr lives out his final moments then it is a fitting end to a beloved character. I give this issue a 8 out of 10.


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