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The Disaster:

Cobra, in tandem with the Eco-villains, has set up a base on the great Pacific garbage patch in the Pacific Ocean. Cobra has Doctor Mindbender and other top scientists working round the clock to crack the code of the Eco-villians’ anti-elemental rings for evil.

Team One: Captain Planet & The Planeteers

The Planeteers are protesting fracking with the help of Captain Planet. Using the powers of their elemental rings they destroy and sabotage various pieces of equipment. The police arrive and mace the Planeteers, taking them into custody.

Team Two: GI Joe

Back at Joe headquarters Duke watches the arrest of the Planeteers with interest. He comes up with a plan to bust into jail and confiscate the rings of power and use them to defeat Cobra and the Eco-Villains.


Five Joes; Shipwreck, Flint, Snake eyes, Lady Jaye, and Hawk, each armed with a power ring infiltrate the garbage island base and sabotage it from within. With their powers combined they summon Captain Planet, who unleashes a mass of garbage eating microbes that cause the island to become unstable and break apart, destroying Cobra’s base and drowning everyone as the island breaks apart. As the Joes sink, the Rings fly back to the Planeteers. Seeing that within this organization they can make a real difference in the world, the Planeteers agree to join the GI Joes.


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