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Hello there friend. I could do a long review about Superman/Wonder Woman and Wonder Woman but I really don't feel like it... So a quick sum up... They were good, you should read them. But then again I am a smartass and I saw something again that really got me thinking... So I (Superman) can not feel a loss of self. I (aka Wonder Woman) am not allowed to feel my own emotions nor I am allowed empathize with others.

In SMWW we kind of see the aftermath of the first parts of Superman, Batman/Superman and Actions part in the Truth arc. In the chaos of his crumbling world we see him resting in Diana's arm with her tenderly watching over him...

That sexist! He is belittling her in his sleep... I can see his eye twitching... Evil Superman is making her feel all kinds of small as he is knocked out cold sleeping. ZZZZZZZzzzzZZZZ Must to protect Diana... ZZZZzzzzZZZZZ... I can't let her down.... zzZZZzzzzz I am still the protector..... ZZZzzzzZZZ She needs me to be strong.... ZZZZzzzzzZZZZzzzz I can't lose her too.... ZZZZZZZzzzzzZZZZ What happened on Earth-2 will not happen here....ZZZZZzzzzZZZZZZZ I am still Superman.....

Now as Bill Nye use to say consider the following. Imagine if you will a world where you lose everything that defines you: your identity, some of your powers, your houses (your apartment, the fortress and even your childhood home), your armor, your cape, your shield, even your closest friends are ripped from you... How would you feel? Anger, rage, lost....

How would you feel seeing the one you love suffering? She is showing emotions! Bad, bad emotions! EVIL EMOTIONS! Listening is bad children. As is empathy, showing understanding and above all being what your partner needs you to be...(Superman doesn't need a lecture he isn't ready to hear it. He is still angry. Anger blocks the ears, so let him vent. Let him get it out and when he is ready to hear he'll listen) ROFL....

But Superman and Wonder Woman are 'icons'... Icon i hate the word. Do Icons feels? Do they answer your prayers? Do they comfort you with a touch? No...

So since I love poetry...Comic book poetry break... Drop me a beat!

Icons can not feel but we are more than just icons

I am a woman of flesh and blood

His is a man of flesh and blood

Shall I not comfort the hurting

Shall he never know the suffering of loss

Stoic statues do not hear the pleas of the suffering for they fall onto deaf ears

Does my listening to cries of my love make me any less of a Wonder?

Does he weeping over what was lost make him less Super?

Does my empathy make me weak?

Does his rage make him bitter?

No it make us stronger and more relatable for we feel as you do

Happiness, joy, sadness and pain

Shall we cast aside all the feelings deep within our very souls for you think our us as only icons...

You strip us bare of our flesh

You take away your blood

You leave us as only marble and steel

Lifeless and cold...

Or shall we embrace these feelings and be made whole

That is what makes me a Wonder

That is what makes him Super

We are fierce yet gentle.

A warrior yet an ambassador of peace

A humble farmer's son yet a king in his own right

A yin and yang within ourselves

A balance of light and dark forging a gray area in which we use to help other.

Leading them to their own truth

I am not an icon for I am just like you.

This is problem with DC and their fans (some not all). Icon that's all they see... Stoic idols that just stand there...

Let us quote Lady Deadlock to sum up icons:

β€œAnd I am bored to death with it. Bored to death with this place, bored to death with my life, bored to death with myself.”

As a reader I want people not icons. Truth does something that Superman has needed for a long time... A 'know thyself moment'. In all the years of Superman he has never had one of these. Kal defines himself through "humanness", but he isn't human. He is Kryptonian, an alien from another world. Superman has lived in a world of shame and passing (if you are black you'll get that). Passing was a practice done by mixed people way back in the day. One drop of black makes you black. That was the law. So if you were light enough you might pass. Denying you black parentage in order to live as white person.

Now what the fuck does this have to do with Superman you say, well what do you think Superman was doing for all those years... Passing as human. Denying his Kryptonian, alienness, for the privilege of "whiteness". But now that he has been outed as... THE ALIEN, all the privileges associated with his "whiteness" are gone.

And he is not one of us
He has never been one of us
He is not part of us
Not our kind
The Lion King 2

Gone is the man who saved them. Gone is the man who risks his life day after day to keep the planet safe. Its just human nature sad but true. We fear with we do not understand. We shunning the different. We belittle the outcasts.

Superman is use to being hated by people, but not like this. He had Clark to hide in. People liked Clark, mild mannered reporter, but the "normally" of his white privileges are gone. When people see Clark now they only see the alien. The creature that they should fear.

He is lost. Who can help him? Who can comfort him? Who can show him the light of being an outsider?

I don't care for Pak (Aaron is the shit though)... but Lee is wonderful thing. She is a black woman officer in a white man's world. If there was anyone who could help him see the beauty of being on the outside it's her. Sometime you need to look at your life through someone else's eyes and have them tell you some things that the ones close to you have been saying to you the whole time.

Let the world see you as you let me see you. Wonder Woman is a wise lady. From the get go she told him let them in. Show them you. Show them the real you. She was once as he is now, lost and alone. But one day she met her brother Ares. Ares was Diana's Lee. He showed her the value of being different through teaching her to fight. The more she learned the more she understood about herself. No longer was she Clay but Diana the warrior.

One can hope Truth guides Superman down the path of know thyself. Now with the blinders are off he might just learn something, be loud be proud!


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