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In 2012, author Blake Crouch's "Pines" - the first novel in The Wayward Pines Trilogy - was published and became a runaway bestseller. Based on a secretive, yet seemingly perfect town in the Northern Rocky Mountains, "Pines" introduced readers to a mysterious realm of eclectic characters with some very bizarre ways of life. We were intrigued - we wanted more.

A little over a month ago, Fox Television debuted a 10-episode series based on Crouch's trilogy and featuring the infamous and much maligned M. Night Shyamalan as director. With Matt Dillon cast as the show's protagonist, Ethan Burke, there was chatter that this could be the type of show to restore Shyamalan's credibility as a director.

Truth be told, I was highly skeptical. A quaint town, a picturesque setting, a federal agent investigating what turns out to be a murder, and a bunch of people speaking in bizarre tongue, who are altogether overly paranoid - yeah, well where have I read this script before? Try 1990 when ABC aired what would become a cult classic - Twin Peaks.

I thought, Wow! They've got a lot of nerve pedaling this story to us when it was recently announced that the town of Twin Peaks will get an overdue visit from the old gang in 2016.

And so I tuned in several weeks ago and met this new cast of characters who make up Wayward Pines, Idaho, and I was blown away. The pilot episode had all the telltale signs of a show that was ripping off Twin Peaks except that it wasn't. Blake Crouch and M. Night Shyamalan had managed to weave a tale that while eerily similar to Lynch's masterpiece in some ways, was an altogether different and fresh show. There were enough Easter eggs in the pilot episode to keep Peaks fans smiling while paying homage to David Lynch and Mark Frost.

Having goosebumps from my first Wayward Pines experience, I devoured the next four episodes and ordered the books on And while I could tell you some of the backstory or Wayward Pines plot, this isn't the article to do so. This isn't about spoilers or fan teases; I simply wanted to convey how one cynical Twin Peaks fan was pleasantly taken by surprise and to encourage all of you to tune in Thursday night's on Fox. Oh, and when you do, just don't talk about the past, neighbor!


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