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There is nothing to say about this film besides that it's an uninspired pile of drivel. It desperately tries to be the next "Mean Girls" and it fails miserably on every level.

The storyline is utterly ridiculous. We have the two attractive girls who are buddies and have an unattractive friend dubbed "The DUFF" (Designated ugly fat friend) to use to make them look better. Who does that?

It is also loaded with cliches. Like we have this loser trying to fit in with the popular students and gets recognition from a viral video.

Also, we find out that her "lover" is actually not in love with her at all and dubs her "DUFF" like everyone else at her school. How original.

The characters are very unlikeable. Our protagonist Bianca gives us very little to no reason to root for her. Both the guy that she is in love with and the guy who she seeks help from are both pretty much jerks. Also, in most of these type of films, the "mean" character, while purposely unlikeable, at least has some sort of likeable personality and is entertaining and you would love to hate him/her. But here, you don't exactly love to hate Madison Morgan.

The humor is bland, uninspired, and painfully unfunny. I did not laugh once.

On a positive note, Mae Whitman was actually pretty good in it. She portrayed her role quite respectively.

Maybe there is a good movie hidden there, but overall, I was not impressed with it whatsoever, and I would not recommend it.

If you are looking for a good teen comedy satire with a female lead, where the protagonist gets widespread attention from everyone else at her school, watch Mean Girls or Easy A.

In the end, The DUFF is one of the more mediocre attempts at teen satire.

The DUFF is now available on Blu-ray and DVD and Digital HD.


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