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After two introductory episodes which were essentially little art movies establishing its two primary characters, Hannibal Season 3 is knuckling down and giving us some explicit plot to chew on. Hannibal is up to his old shenanigans in Florence, Will Graham is digging up the past in Lithuania, and Jack Crawford has finally joined the hunt! What else is going on in Season 3 Episode 3 "Secondo"?

Hannibal Season 3: Back in the Habit!

Despite claiming to be on his best behavior in Florence, Hannibal's idea of lying low still involved impulsively stabbing a senior lecture in the temple during dinner. A little advice for readers; this is NOT how you impress new employers! At least Hannibal himself remarks "that may have been impulsive", and avoids any temptation to chastise his victim for getting rudely inebriated at dinnertime. He was slurring his words and everything! Unbelievable!

This scene also cements the tension surrounding Dr Bedelia Du Maurier. Her dangerous closeness to Hannibal and her implication in his crimes could come to ruin her, especially if Hannibal hilariously keeps insisting "technically you killed him".

Hannibal's Downfall

He knows you're in there!
He knows you're in there!

As much as this show tries, it just can't veer itself away from copious bouts of on-the-fly psycho-therapy. It seems Bedelia's profiling of Hannibal has taken a slightly more aggressive turn, with her insisting that his downfall "has already been set in motion"! This is one of the most fascinating areas of the show right now, with Mads Mikkelsen working a fantastic performance of a man truly at breaking point. It's still very hard to spot, but you can just about see the inklings of denial, and perhaps even fear in Hannibal.

Jack Crawford is also back, and he's lighting candles and discussing theology just like real investigators don't. We then find out that he's not actually here to catch the monstrous Hannibal, but is actually looking for Will Graham. Well that's great news, Hannibal! I guess you're off the hook! Unless your wife keeps on bringing up your past, before hiding in the bath. Speaking of which...

Mischa Lecter and a dark past

So at this point, Mischa Lecter (Hannibal's sister) represents something to be conquered by Hannibal, having been cannibalized by another, and giving rise to Hannibal's sinister practices. OR she could simply have been killed by Hannibal himself, with the the whole story being a ruse to throw off those losers so interested in psychological coherency.

I think someone died here...
I think someone died here...

To say Hannibal's home in Lithuania isn't a little spooky would be the mother of understatements. Seriously, when Will walks past Mischa's grave, it cackles! HOW MANY GRAVES CACKLE? There are also further hints in the episode towards Hannibal's ability to subsume the being of others, and have people lose themselves in their allure. A shot early in the episode has Hannibal's face morph into Will's, because y'know... besties. Fuller continues the brilliant use of psychological state as environment, with Will and Hannibal talking in the garden of his childhood home.

The place itself morphs into Hannibal's psychotherapy practice from Seasons 1 and 2. Will seems glad to have finally found something Hannibal might be afraid of, asking if the empty rooms of Hannibal's childhood are full of screaming. Hannibal says no."I hear music".


Is Chiyoh to stick around?
Is Chiyoh to stick around?

I've left mentioning Chiyoh till last, because her employment in the show is not yet apparent. She's clearly a reflection of Lady Murasaki, being a guardian of sorts to the Lecter household, yet she navigates this world with the same simultaneous curiosity and confusion as Will Graham, and that's why they will make a great team for sure!

Will seems to take an interest in her right away, lighting a campfire in her grounds until she approaches him with a shotgun (so THAT'S how you get a girl's attention!) The most brilliant thing about her character so far is the way she's first depicted shooting and plucking a pheasant. The butchering of an animal, as Hannibal has so many times showed us, is an accepted midpoint between murder and art, and to have it be the first thing Chiyoh does in this show is a great way to throw the audience off. Somehow, she's different. The preparing of the pheasant is brutal and to the point, with her yanking feathers out and hacking at flesh. We cut to Hannibal, who is preparing some unknown meat with the same skill, but of course, he hears music...

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