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We are probably going to see an exclusive trailer for Batman v Superman at comic-con this year. Before you see any trailers you should learn some facts.

1. It was rumoured that Jena Malone would play the female Robin from The Dark Knight Returns.

2. Christian Bale has said that he is jealous of someone else playing batman.

3. Jimmy Fallon asked Ben Affleck what his daughters thought of him playing batman and he replied by saying "They don't care. All they want to watch is Frozen".

4. This will be Wonder Woman's first appearance on the big-screen.

5. Peter Jackson actually turned down an offer to direct this movie.

6. Warner Brothers wanted Tom Hanks to play Lex Luthor after seeing him in Cloud Atlas.

7. Most of the movie was shot in Detroit.

8. Commissioner Gordon will not be appearing in the movie.

9. Megan Fox was interested in playing Wonder Woman. Lucky that did not happen!!!

10. Ben Affleck was offered to direct the movie.

I got all the facts from the following links:

-Moses Ochs


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