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Ah... the glory of gaming. Am I right? We all love the ability to be scared. It can drive us insane. It can feed our souls (or feed on? I guess that depends on whom you are asking really). It can be one of those experiences we all go crazy for as a species.

We all love the ability to get scared. I personally don't know where that love comes from. Maybe from when we're kids at our first sleep over and our friend knows of this guy who escaped from the old asylum called the Bunny Man. Or it could be from when our parents gave us the membership card to go get a movie and instead of the latest Disney classic we bring home Texas Chainsaw Massacre. It can come from so many different places.

Now horror in gaming has been around as far back as video games have been a thing. This article isn't really a history lesson for anyone but it has to be said. Texas Chainsaw Massacre had an appearance on the Atari. Don't believe me?

Now that I would buy
Now that I would buy

Now that I got that out of the way. How crazy is it to think that horror gaming has had a bit of a Renaissance? We have reached a peek as horror fans and gamers where more content is coming out then ever before.

Indy games have become our bread and butter. Before this era we had to rely on Silent Hill and Resident Evil (both amazing franchises but not enough to quench our thirsts). Below I will list the top 3 horror games I myself have been playing. None of the art is by me. I tracked down the best I could their logo's so you can track them down. Either on Steam, iOS or Android (if available on mobile at all).

3) Never-ending Nightmares

Just the logo....
Just the logo....

Are you a fan of plots that will outright creep you out beyond your own mind? If so, this is one of the games for you. If will make your eyes bug out with the story, the subtle nature. This game does NOT rely on jump scares - it will throw the story at you and just wait for you to figure it out. The way you play will influence the ending you get so it's amazing for the re-playability. So seriously do yourself a favor and play play play.

2) SCP Containment Breach

Just look at it...
Just look at it...

Anyone here ever go on SCP? If not, and you are a fan of scary monsters, creatures, and things that go bump in the night then do yourself a favor and go. Now this game is a rare gem in the world of free games. It not only fulfills its goal of being a genuine scary and unnerving experience but it is a really good game overall. It has an aura about it that will add to the scares, the feelings of solitude, the don't-want-to-be-there-at-all moments and rolls them all into one for a experience worth paying for. And you don't even need to. This game is a labor of love and the developer proves it with each update.

1) Five Nights at Freddy's (The Entire Series)

Why hello there bear...
Why hello there bear...

Now now now. I can hear you all ready to scream at me, saying that I'm just jumping aboard the fan-boy train. While I can assure you that I get it. I know why this game may not be everybody's cup of tea. I get that and respect it. The game-play is basic. It does rely entirely too much on the jump scares. Somehow, with all that even being the absolute truth, the series grabbed me and made me a fan.

When I first saw footage of it I was watching it on Youtube (and I think most of us did). I thought these guys had to just be overreacting and no way could their reactions be genuine. It was just them playing a game and playing a game with us a bit as well.

So what did I do? I hopped on Steam like a big dummy and bought the first game. The first night psh yeah this was going to be a breeze. Maybe I could record the footage of me not acting like a giant baby like all the rest. And man, I'm glad I didn't record it. While I didn't turn into a blubbering mess, I can say by night 2 my heart was beating faster and I could feel the tension in my bones. After that I was hooked. I own them all...on my PC and Tablet.

Then I saw a video by Game Theory that added more to the story then I pieced together. Then he released a second, and most recently a third. I was hooked on the lore of the game and now I am seriously emotionally invested. Who is the Purple Guy? We all have our theories. We all have ideas - but now I want an answer. Hopefully we get it in Five Nights at Freddy's 4.

And there we go. Those are my picks for right now. I plan to continue this series as time passes and more games come out this year. We all want to play the next game that makes people scream. We want to be the one screaming, the one raving, the one that needs a pep talk to just continue.

We are a society built on loving being afraid. We look for new things to be afraid of if even just subconsciously. At least with these games we can turn them off when we are ready.

Now that the list is over here. Do you agree? Do you hate my picks? Do you have some of your own that you think I should play? Please feel free to drop some comments on here or on Twitter and let me know. I am always looking for new things to make me think something is waiting out in the dark for me to stumble.


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