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The internet is home to billions and billions of web pages, some of them for the every day life, others for entertainment but also some of those pages out there are full of mysteries or odd and weird content. I'm usually a night owl and I'm always looking for ways to keep myself entertained (besides netflix lol) but I've come across my share of weird and creepy pages that, as much as I'm curious, I don't think I will EVER have the guts to visit. Maybe you guys have heard or even visit some of these, and no they are not part of the deep web either. For one reason or the other I'm not the one to explore and try to find out if these pages are truly what they say they are. All I know is that they sound creepy and scary enough to keep me away.. Do you dare visit these horrific internet sites??????

Name of Page: User 666 of Youtube

Page Address:

So the saying goes that if you type in user 666/user666 on youtube nothing happens, and there's no account for it, but if you refresh the page 13 times to be exact, then suddenly something happens to the screen and you start seeing weird shapes and the screen getting distorted somehow. Then after refreshing the page yet again 36 more times, you finally have reached the channel of user 666. After that, there's "supposedly" very strange and disgusting videos for you to watch, while your screen is still in this weird looking mode.

Name of Page: The Blind Maiden

Page Address:

If you enter at midnight of course, you will find yourself in a world full of creepy and disturbing images to begin with. People who said to have entered this site, mention that is extremely dangerous and must proceed with caution and enter at your own risk. In order for you to actually enter this site you need to follow some rules and they are as followed:

1.- You need to be completely alone

2.- It has to be midnight and there shouldn't be a light from the moon shining

3.- Do not have any religious artifacts such as images, crucifixes etc

4.- The date has to be a Thursday the 23rd of any month as long as it lands on that day (NOT SURE OF THIS ONE 100%)

5.- Lights to be completely off

Jeez so many requirements to enter a page huh? Anyhow, people who have entered this so called page, are said to be welcome by a series of disturbing images that people cannot simply explain with words. After that you are shown an "archive" of victims who have no eyes and are wondering and howling with creepy screams and laments thru catacombs among other creepy shadows and shapes. If you manage to stay long enough to witness this and want to look further into it, you are then greeted by a voice asking you if you would like to participate in an absolute horrific experience?? If you happen to STILL stay you start to realize that there's a creepy dark silhouette lurking thru your house. First it starts at the very end of a room while, you are frozen in fear this "silhouette" starts to appear closer and closer to where you are exactly at. Suddenly you are looking at yourself sitting in total fear because you realize that there's a woman, a phantom woman who in front of your face, slowly starts transforming.. Her long heavy jaw starts to dislocate, while she's showing you her long razor sharp bloody teeth, her eyes white and vacant, her hands start to reach out to you and start getting a hold of your face, while all this time, you are paralyzed with nothing but the smell of fear. When suddenly, her putrid hands reach directly towards your eyes and in a second, she snatches them from you, turning you into another soulless victim and part of the blind maiden archives. (now if people end up dead, I don't know how they witness all this right) that's my question??

Name of Page: Hell Girl/Girl from Hell

Page Address:

Yet again another page that is only accessible at midnight, why? who knows, but this page provides you with the service of sending someone directly to "hell" yup, like I said, hell. Your screen goes dark except for a small white space which you enter the person's name whom you wish to send to hell directly, a girl by the name of "Enma Ai" "通信", does the dirty deed for you and sends that person directly to hell no questions asked for you, but like they say all good things must come with a price, in return once you've died, you must also be send the hell to repay for what you did.. Do you think it's worth it??

Name of Page: Death Clock

Page Address:

Life is to short to be worried about things such as accidents and death, but if you are one of the brave one's and wants to find out when will you die, then this page is right up your alley. starts off by asking you regular questions, such as age, genre, weight, if you are a drinker or a smoker and so on and so forth, then "death" calculates when he/she will be coming for you and then, there you have it the "exact" date of your death... No thank you.

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NOTE: Now I'm not sure if some of these pages work (I'm a chicken lol) but some say that they have a "dummy" page in order to access it and others can only be access at midnight/night time! Enter at your own risk.


Do you dare to visit any of these pages??


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