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The Battelfront game had a good look in E3 with theire 2 new trailers and the demo. The gameplay trailer makes you give some questions like. Will you be able to play as luke or darth vader ? Are theire classes ? and more. From the look of some footage found on YouTube I could determine that its amazing and their will be no classes however cards on the right side corner which are your ability's have special things for example more amo extra armor/health cool gadgets and maybe more that I could not think of.

Some bad/good things

In this game you can play in any vehicle from ground to sky. The AT-AT (All Terrain Armored Transport) are not so OP (Over Powered) because you need to keep killing people to stay in the vechile or else it will drop you out and you will be a normal soldier however you can only control the head which means that you don't choose your path and that you don't have much control and you have a selection of 3 weapons. Also it is just amazing that you have a big selection of vehicles which I would love to try out

Anyways I am sure that more news will come out about Battelfront and all Battelfield and Star Wars fans I am sure you will be happy because this game looks amazing.

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