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I want to get a couple things out of the way first. These are the games I enjoyed seeing and got the most excited for from E3. Secondly, I'd like to throw in some honorable mentions, because it was a rare, awesome show this year.

Speaking of Rare, they're making a new game called Sea of Thieves. It looks like Guns of Icarus with a wider variety of things to do and actual combat. Rare Replay is also coming to Xbox One, 30(ish) Rare games for $30, they're one of my favorite companies, so it's neat to see them getting some love for two decades of being awesome and one decade of kind'a just existing. Next there's Cuphead. It looks exactly like an Acme/Hanna-Barbera (it seems to be sponsored by the former or has the name on objects at least) but an action platformer, and it looks amazing. Recore from Keiji Inafune and the Metroid Prime team. Metroid Prime and Mega Man X are two of my favorite series ever, so the idea of them collaborating is beyond glorious. It conceptually looks really interesting. Horizon: Zero Dawn had a really badass debut, and it has a lot of potential, but I can't tell if I'd enjoy actually playing it yet, even compared to all the other unreleased games. Gears Remastered looks sweet but it's a remaster and only of the first game. The SWTOR add-on looks cool but it's an add-on, nonetheless. Mad Max was pretty unimpressive but I'm still hoping to be wowed, and Star Fox Zero looks like just another great Star Fox. Okay, onto the top list!

10. Shenmue 3

It's finally happening! After 14 years (by my recollection), they're finally making Shenmue III. This is one of my most desired games for E3 (as well as the only one to truly come to fruition). Why, then, is it so low on my list? Well, once I got over my initial hype, I realized a couple things: I haven't played a Shenmue game in over a decade, I don't remember much about the story, and who knows how much I'd still enjoy it all the time later? I have no clue how a modern Shenmue would play out, whether it will be them getting it out to be done with it, or pouring their hearts into something Suzuki never got to complete. I also have no clue what it looks like, how it plays, etc. We really only know it exists. That's awesome and all, but I have no logical reason to expect to love the game.

9. Mass Effect: Andromeda

I honestly debated putting Cuphead on the list over this. Ultimately, I realized it's Mass Effect, and those thoughts vanished. We didn't see a lot, but we did get some concepts. The idea of a whole new universe with new stories and new characters, a reveal that it's far in the future (I was hoping that it was only a decade or so, but that sounds cool as well), and a badass trailer featuring massive landscapes, the Mako (pronounced may-co, in case any Korra fans got confused), and jetpacks set to a Johnny Cash song. As with Shenmue 3, this is all we know. It's more than the former game, but it's still not much of anything concrete. But let it be known, these two games would be much higher if they had shown much of anything that made me expect them to be as good as I hope that they will be.

8. South Park: The Fractured but Whole (ha)

Definitely a nice surprise for Ubisoft to kick off the show with. I wasn't severely hyped, though, I did love the trailer... until Matt and Trey came on stage. it sounded like near the end of the production on Stick of Truth that they started implementing a lot of what they learned about game design and just didn't have the time to do a heck ton more with a nearly finished product in Stick of Truth. The idea of having actually great gameplay and an overall refined and expanded game is quite fascinating. I also love the idea of using superheroes, being the comic nerd that I am. My one gripe is that I wasn't huge on Stick of Truth, so that leaves me a tad skeptical...

7. [No Man's Sky](tag:2684052)

This was the "holy sh*t" game for me at last year's show. It sounded too good to be true, but Hello Games just keeps proving me wrong. This year they kept displaying the awesome random and massive planets, but they showed a lot more. Ground and air combat, the living environments both in space and on land, and the seemingly infinite amount of solar systems to cover, showing that all they'd show so far was far from being a quantifiable percentage of what is in store. There's still no release date, however, that's understandable given the nature of the game. I will say that it scares me though. I feel like it'll either be a massive disappointment, or it'll become my World of Warcraft and I'll never be able to put it down once I get into it. Both extremes concern me.

6. Ghost Recon: Wildlands

This was probably the most exciting reveal to me. It's been ages since I played Ghost Recon, but I really want all of the new features showcased. It's far more expansive, a huge map littered with potential assignments and co-op action. A dynamic world that reacts to how you approach a mission, making it open-ended as long as it's accomplished. The gameplay also looks varied and extremely tight. There's not a massive amount known, but what was shown looks absolutely stunning to me. Ubisoft impressed me greatly this year, which is equally impressive when I consider the fact that I didn't care much for Syndicate or The Division.

5. Doom

I love Doom. I love the original games, and I even adore Doom 3, despite the very odd hate for it. This looks like it could be the most fun game yet. A combination of the ambiance and tension of Doom 3 and the intense, over-the-top action of the earlier games. It just looks so damn fun. The multiplayer looks great, too, like it's making up for the watered down Halo we've been getting recently, and I no longer care that Halo 5 isn't coming to PC. Doom has all the frenzied action, custom maps and modes, and a more solid sharing and community mechanic.

4. For Honor

Okay, I lied about Wildlands. Ubisoft, man. You can still be creative. For Honor plays like a more tactical Dynasty Warriors almost. It's 4v4 (I believe, maybe 5v5) war action with select-able Viking, Samurai, and Knight classes. You're basically an elite warrior within a massive army as you and your team set out to help your comrades and engage the other army's elites. The combat is what got me. it has a dynamic swordplay system and the tactical fidelity reminds me a great deal of Bushido Blade, which the lead designer later stated was a major influence. It just looks so grand and I've wanted another skill-based fighter for a long time now.

3. Fallout 4

I could have cared less for this game going to Bethesda's showcase. After that huge half an hour or so of throwing Fallout 4 at me - I was totally sold. The crafting system, the settlement building and running, the interactions, and even the combat all look absolutely beautiful. It's gotten rid of that horrid green tint from the last game, and the world looks so much more awe-inspiring because of it. See, Bethesda? Sometimes colors are okay. The point is: I adored every second of what I saw and I'm totally on board for Fallout 4 now.

2. Star Wars: Battlefront

I keep having to swallow my pride this year. If there was a huge game I expected less from than Fallout 4, it was Battlefront. I always felt that the Battlefield games were hard to get into. They are more focused on actual fun than Call of Duty, but the gameplay never felt right and the "battlefields" were so expansive that the match pacing was terrible. That all seems to have been rectified here. The maps look amazing, but they're also cluttered with zones to control giant vehicles, much like the original [Star Wars: Battlefront](tag:2684021) games - which I loved, by the way. The combat looks smoother than ever, you can switch between FPS angles and an angled third-person camera reminiscent of the original games. In fact, the new game seems to play much like those from the bits that I saw. They brought back the heroes and the lightsaber gameplay seems really smooth and intuitive. Taking down AT-ATs and Imperial Walkers looks like an awesome challenge. I don't know what else to say, it looks amazing.

1. Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain

I love Metal Gear Solid, but I've been skeptical about this game. It started with Kojima stating that he was putting an emphasis on the sex appeal of his characters. Then the whole Ground Zeroes backlash happened. Next, I saw the character Whisper (or Blink, or something - the chick with the straps covering her knockers). I wanted to love it, but so much was making me worry that MGSV was just going to be a cash-grab of a game. Then I watched a 40-minute gameplay demo at E3. I don't remember the last time just watching a game had me so enamored. It looks beautiful, of course. The tactical options, the mission variety, the little touches like comrade banter and how enemies react to you; it all felt about as perfect as possible. It's so hard to put into words, but watch the 40-minute demo from IGN I put up there and you'll know what I mean. I feel like I could play the game as long as any open-world RPG, perhaps longer. I just need it in my PC right now, turned on, loading, and ready to be played. Let me pre-order it already!


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