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Stephen Spencer

(this is my plot for a third installment of the goofy movies, i have worked hard on this idea so please be nice. fill free to comment and like if you wish!)

movie idea- A Goofy Reunion (animated, comedy, drama)

plot: the hole gang is back in town! after 4 years of college, and 6 years in air force, max returns home.

his dad goofy is married to silvia, the librarian from max's college, and they have a big surpise for max, he now has a sister!

her name is mary, and she is 11 years old. later they go to peet & pj's bowling alley. max catches up with pj, and then bobby

comes along and tells he and his girlfriend stacy have bin touring with woodstock, and man does bobby look different, his hair

down to his sholders all curly, and grown abit taller. goofy reveals that him and silvia plan to retire and open up a seventies antic shop,

max congradulates them.

later at home, goofy gives max a letter about his 10 year high school reunion.

max is kind of skeptical about going because of how things turned out between him and roxanne. but goofy convinces him to go, and

goofy would shaperon. during the reunion at the school gym, max runs into roxanne, they have a brief chat and slow dance for one song.

unfortunetly goofy tips over a candle while picking something up, the curtines set on fire, and every one evacuates the gym, later while the

fire men put out the fire, max yells at goofy for ruining the reunion, and storms off. silvia convinces goofy that things will be ok, goofy later

comes up with an idea to fix everything, she has silvia bring max and mary to the bowling alley, where there throwing a welcome back/ reunion

party, max forgives his dad, and max goes outside where he meets roxanne. max apologises for everything that happened, and roxanne interopes

him with a kiss, and tells him things happen, then she pulls him inside for the rest of the party. they start a bowling match, goofy goes first, unknown

to him that peet put glue in the holes of goofys bowling ball, as goofy tosses the bowl, he goes with it down the ial and gets a strike. he comes out of

the bowl holder and unraveles and sits there on the floor. and max watchs from afar and says ' heh heh, he is so goofy'. and the movies fades out of a

distance shot of the bowling alley.


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