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Taylor Swift is not a new name. Before our 'Bad Blood' beauty was breaking Pop chart records, she was breaking Country records. Her transition from Country to Pop didn't go unnoticed when her first pop song 'We Are Never Getting Back Together' was released a couple years back on her 'RED' album.

Now fast forward to mid 2014 - early 2015. Taylor has had time since finishing her 'RED' album to hone in on her writing skills and finally released her first ever pop album titled '1989'.

Many the critics agree and so do I, Taylor Swift is dominating the pop world.

This is shown by all the chart topping singles from her '1989' album like 'Blank Space', 'Style' and 'Bad Blood'

Taylor is also known to be very connected with her fans through tumblr and Twitter (even though I never get replies) and is more than likely to surprise her fans with guest appearances at concerts or sending out Christmas presents.

However, many people are not fans. The singers past with songs that where about relationships such as John Meyer and Harry Styles slightly tarnished Taylor's rep. Especially with a male audience.

So how does the singer fix that? By releasing a bad ass reworked version of her song 'Bad Blood' with one of the worlds most famous rappers, Kendrick Lamar.

And as if there isn't anything else that could go right for Taylor, speculation was made months ago that (New/original) 'Bad Blood' was about a fellow artist.

There is a possibility that it is female singer Katy Perry that Taylor is singing about.

(Personally I don't want to comment my opinion because Taylor never announced the artists name.)

Due to this, 'Bad Blood' has broken records for the amount of views it has earned in a short time on YouTube.

Madonna has been coined as 'The Queen of Pop' from her many different styles (see what I did there?) and her originality in music over the years.

Taylor Swifts music expresses her originality in a myriad of ways and it's no lie that she is an amazing and inspiring person (Not to mention she is the only person with clean songs that don't have F*** or B**** repeated a hundred times)

So is she worthy to be the Princess of Pop?


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