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Iron Man 3 - an example for a bad comic book movie. While I was watching it in the theater I just felt so bad about the fact that the Iron Man movie franchaise is dead. Every action sequel in this movie was bad, Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr.) didn't wear the mark 42 armor even for 1 minute (that includes and the other armors). The best thing about this movie were the visual effects. Other bad thing about this movie is the Iron Patriot. While Shane Black was filming the movie he tought himself Man I just need to put the Iron Patriot in this movie but there is one problem, I don't know nothing about him so as director of this movie I say that Colonel James Rhodes (Don Cheadle) will reapaint his armor and become the Iron Patriot.

Following the bad things in this movie we reach Trevor Slattery/the Mandarin wich was supposed to be the main villian in Iron Man 3 but again guess what Shane Black thinked No we will launch the trailer to lie the people and than when they see the movie in the theatre they will be surprised. Hehehehe. This was so stupid.

And now the grand finalle of the this damned movie. Pepper kills Aldrich Killian (Guy Pearce) and saves the day. How did that happen? Just how? This was the moment when I just wanted to get out of the theater and wish I did never watch this movie again. Tony was about to die then Pepper comes from the nothing and kills Aldrich with mark 7's gauntlet and saves every body.

My final tought is that the main goal of this movie was to prove that Pepper Potts is more bad ass than Tony Stark/Iron Man.

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