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Mad Max: Fury Road is roaring through the box office and I think we should learn some facts.

1. George Miller managed to raise the money for the original Mad Max by working as an emergency room doctor.

2. A lot of the Australian expressions where dubbed when the movie came out in America.

3. This the only Mad Max film in the series not to end or contain any narration.

4. The jacket in Mad Max: Fury Road that Tom Hardy is wearing in the movie is the same one worn by Mel Gibson in the original trilogy except that it's just dirtied up.

5. Charlize Theron had to wear a wig in A Million Ways To Die In The West because she had to shave her head for Fury Road.

6. There is a fan theory that says that Max in Fury Road is actually the Feral Kid from the second Mad Max movie. Max grunts a lot and he owns a jukebox like the Feral Kid.

7. Max and the antagonist Immortan Joe never interact in Mad Max: Fury Road.

8. Max only had 16 lines of dialogue in Mad Max 2: The Road warrior.

9. Mad Max: Fury Road and Mad Max 2: The Road Warrior where shot in sequence wish is very rare.

10. James Cameron has said that Mad Max 2: The Road Warrior was a huge inspiration for The Terminator.

I got all the facts from the following links:

-Moses Ochs


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