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It's a beautiful summers day in Gotham City. The perfect day for a football game. And it's convenient that the Gotham City Rogues are playing the Rapid City Monuments.

For those of you who have seen the Dark Knight Rises you may know how this scene goes, and how it ends, but what if another super team showed up and saved the day? I have decided to take this contest from another perspective, and literally take to super teams to defeat the bad guys. This time it won't be the caped crusader that manages to stop the villainous Bane from destroying Gotham.

The Disaster

As the Rapid City Monuments kick off, and the Rogues' returner Ward is running up the field with the pigskin tucked under his arm, Bane pushes a trigger and the whole field begins to collapse.

Bane triumphantly comes onto the field in his menacing mask and trench coat, flanked by armed guards and the Russian doctor Pavel, who has created the neutron bomb.

"Gotham! Gotham, take control of your city!" The audience hears over the loudspeakers, as Bane talks into a microphone.

"Not so fast" Bane hears behind him in a wacky sounding voice. He quickly spins around, only to see...

The Teams

Tune Squad + Gotham City Rogues

...Bugs Bunny! Bane's forces are surrounded by Looney Tunes, and among them Bill Murray and Michael Jordan. It's the tune squad!

The Tune Squad is the greatest basketball dream team ever to have been spit out by the 90's. The sheer amazingness of Michael Jordan and the Looney Tunes could be the only thing that can stand up to Bane and his mad revolution.

"We're here to save Gotham city, help the Rogues, and defeat you!" Says Bugs as he points his finger challengingly at Bane. Bane and the audience stare in disbelief.

"Get ready to Jam" says Michael as he tosses Bane a basketball. And the Game is on! The remaining uninjured Rogues get up and do their best to help out the Tune Squad, but they're no basketball players.

The Survivor

No matter how good Bane's mad baller skills are, he is no match for Michael Jordan, who quickly runs around him and slam dunks the ball by extending his arm out over the entire pitch!

Bane is defeated, but not without cost. Many of the Rogues were injured or killed in the explosions under the field, and the team is left in shambles. Not all of them died, but the team certainly suffered a heavy defeat.

Bane hangs in head in shame, as his entire plan was foiled by the most amazing basketball team ever, while he was so close to defeating batman. He leaves the city as quickly as he can, and the army comes in and disables the bomb.

The Toon Squad huddles up one more time. Bill Murray smiles and says: "It's cause I'm white isn't it?". "Beep beep!" says Roadrunner as he speeds off. Then Batman shows up.

"Am I late?"


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