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The year is 2256, and a Strange mysterious soldier calling himself "The Time Travelling Revolution" appears at one of many space hubs which house members of the Iron Avenger Treaty. This mysterious soldier begins murdering innocent members left and right but can't find who he is looking for. So he develops his time manipulation device further so he can find them before they find him. The only way to get their attention is to start a war.

The team that is hastily put together to stop him includes:

The dark knight has been alerted to the situation and quickly volunteers. His fighting skills and knowledge can match any avenger. He plans to bring this man by striking first and asking questions later.

Commander A has been transported from the far future to help understand this villians motive and time travel technology. He is sure the villian won't go as far as war but he's not counting on it.

Word of this soldier travelled far. The amazonian warrior caught the news and travelled fast. She volunteered to help take down "The Time Travelling Revolution" before he hurts anyone else.

X-23 is known for her raging, merciless rampages. No one knows what triggers her but once she starts she can't stop. She was brought in incase things turn upside down.

The last team member was brought in on special request. Shield sent out agents all over the world and through different dimensions to find this person. He was not the first choice but he jumped at the chance of beating someone's brains out.

How do you even describe his methods and motives ?? He's crazy. The merc with the mouth. If anything he could probably talk the soldier into insanity!

Does this rag tag bunch of heroes have what it takes to take down "The Time Travelling Revolution "?

(Sorry if somethings wrong it's my first time on this site as a creator )


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