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Season 2 of the CW's hit show The Originals ended with a scene that fans have become very familiar with when it comes to the Mikaelson family: Klaus alone, albeit with his daughter. Estranged from his siblings after pushing them too far, taking it one step further by cursing Hayley and the wolves with a reverse transformation, making them wolves for most of the month causing them to become human at the full moon instead.

This is going to make the next holiday celebration fairly awkward, I imagine.

The family has gotten sick of Klaus' antics, and Daniel Gillies, who plays Klaus' brother Elijah, says that the relationship is on its last thread. Because, you know, all the daggers to the chest wasn't enough trouble already.

When talking of his betrayal of her character Hayley, actress Phoebe Tonkin didn't mince words:

Hayley's not going to be able to forgive him easily for what he's done. Even if he did it for the good of his baby, I don't think he did it in the right way. He should have let Hayley know that's what he was doing so she could have been apart of the plan, so now she's pissed.

There may be hope in the future for a romance in Klaus' life, however. Over the past few seasons he has become closer to the bartender, Cami. Cami's become a confidante and de facto psychiatrist for all of the supernatural in New Orleans. She's been the only one who has seen his true darkness and not run. She's put her own life in danger many times to help Klaus, the not-always-selfless hybrid doing the same for her - saving her from his murderous father. One of the final scenes was of them reminiscing on their first meeting, where she jokes that if she hadn't taken her co-worker's shift, they probably would never have met. Klaus responds, "You know, I prefer to see it the other way. If it wasn't that night, this bar, that hundred dollar bill, it would have been Jackson Square, staring at a painting. Or Regiment Street, listening to jazz. I would have found you."

Which basically sounds like it was fate or destiny that brought them together, that they were always meant to find each other.

Producer Michael Narducci, however, is in no hurry to get the two together, and is taking the time to allow the relationship to continue growing. He states there is an interesting connection between the two, and there is no denying that the chemistry is there, but he wants Cami to continue to help Klaus explore other sides of himself before making the leap.

Klaus protects those he loves best when he is his savage self and it would make it difficult for him to change. This has been proven when she tried to convince him that killing his father wasn't the answer, but once he tried to murder both of them, all she wanted to know is how he felt about it. Having a vampire hunter try to murder you can harden a girl, after all.

It looks like Season 3 could be a turning point in the show, I just hope they stick to their guns. Give Elijah a backbone, give Klaus some daddy time, and let's see how New Orleans stands with its "royal family" in shambles and a young witch thirsty for revenge.

Knowing Klaus, there might be a blood bath...

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