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1. A long lost love may happen to walk by your porch one morning, carrying a bottle of wine and that same old smile. The problem is you may already be engaged to somebody else. Oh snap.

2. They are interesting. You might witness some late night drunken er… debate.. When we shot Porch Stories we discovered how LOUD our lovely neighbourhood street actually was. Portuguese ladies argued on their porches. Planes flew overhead, parents screamed at their children. We discovered filming at night was also noisy. Hipsters straggled home, sat in the gutter and broke-up with each other drunkenly at 3am. Maybe best to get to know your neighbours during the day.

3. They might wear a chain-link headdress and invite you to play in a Settlers of Catan all night marathon. If that’s your thing.

4. You might find yourself singing songs on the porch. Which could help but also complicate your love life. Luckily our main characters Emma and Gabriel are super responsible and won’t let a few songs for old times sake lead to anything else more complicated. Or will they?

Check out Porch Stories' trailer:


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