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Over the past few weeks anticipation for 2016's Suicide Squad has been steadily mounting. We've had images of Jared Leto's Joker, as well as the (almost) full cast, and more "leaked" images and clips from the filming than you can shake a stick at. However, there are still secrets... heavily guarded secrets, and we want at them!

Speculation on Scott Eastwood's role in the film has been rife, and it seems like we're starting to finally hone in on some desperately sought after answers. Umberto Gonzalez has dropped a so-far unconfirmed rumor that Eastwood will in fact be playing Deathstroke in Suicide Squad.

The evidence? Gonzalez writes:

"One of my guys saw the name on Eastwood's chest they're fiercely protecting."

That name?

"Wilson," with the faint hint of an "S" in the foreground. And we all know what that "S" should stand for: Slade. As in Slade Wilson a.k.a Deathstroke!

We already know that Scott Eastwood will be playing some sort of soldier, which already heavily hints at Deathstroke's past history. So, could we expect to see a pre-Truth Serum-experiment Slade Wilson in Suicide Squad?

We also know that Scott Eastwood has signed a multiple film contact with DC, suggesting that his role will be more than that of a minor character. At the moment the best we can do is wait a few more weeks for Comic Con, where the casting will hopefully be announced!

So, what do you think?

(Source: Umberto Gonzalez)


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