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To this day, and over a decade since Steve Irwin tragically died in a fatal sting-ray accident, the naturalist's infectious enthusiasm is still felt in the world of natural conservation and documentary television.

During his lifetime, the aptly named "Crocodile Hunter" introduced us to some of the most perilous and rare species that walk, or crawl, our planet. In the process, we have learned so much about our world.

Indeed, Steve remains an inspiration to us all, and his remarkable talent and love for nature continues to resonate with us today. Let's remind ourselves of some of his best moments, and some of his wackiest encounters in front of the camera:

1. That time a bearded dragon bit him right on the nose

“You bit me on the nose, you little brat!” - My reaction would not have been as tame, that's for sure!

2. That time he lovingly embraced a 15 foot anaconda at a live show in Los Angeles in 2008

Just look at him cuddling up that huge monster.

3. That time, he put some poo in his shirt pocket

A man's gotta do what a man's gotta do.

4. That time he got right in there with a pack of wild pups

They have basically claimed him as their own!

5. That time he fearlessly picked up the most venomous snake in the world

Steve doesn't even bat an eyelid that it has "enough venom in one bite to kill 100 blokes my size."

Watch the full clip with the Inland Taipan here:

6. That time a snake ACTUALLY bit him on live television

He's so badass he barely flinched.

7. That time he fed a croc while carrying his baby son Bob in one arm

Just shows how much faith he had in his own ability and in the nature of such creatures!

8. That time he ran so fast he actually caught an emu

This is absolutely insane.

9. That time he fell of a boat, twice in fact

The world puts him down, yet he just gets right back up again.

10. That time he brought a bunch of baby snakes on a talk show

Because, why not?

11. And finally, that time Graham the Croc tried to bite him while he was feeding him

Oh, Graham... you never learn, do you?



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